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  1. Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    This is an insane build
  2. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Hiya Ross long time buddy, thanks mate got another 2 cars as well as this so wanting to get this one done so i can start on one of the others ha ha
  3. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Thanks guys, no more updates as yet, had a break from it for a little while. And no I'm pretty sure i won't look back and think it looked better stock. What car looks better stock except maybe an R32? I love the colour and have had a car this colour in the past and made the conscious decision to paint this one this colour. Its not to everyones tastes as I'm aware but what is?
  4. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Cheers guys it is rewarding seeing my ideas in flesh as it were. I sprayed it in my mates garage the most of it so kept flies to a minimum, i stapled a huge plastic sheet across the rafters so dust and bits were also kept to a minimum. The last few panels were painted at home though and i did suffer flies. Its certainly no show car paint job but I'm happy with my results on my limited budget
  5. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Thanks for the comments, yes a true home build carried out mainly by myself with minimal help from a few good friends including yourself Ray with all my wiring issues I am doing exactly what i want with this car and the other one I'm building too, i have very clear visions of what i want them to be. I must say when i painted that rear alloy in white primer i liked the look of it against the green and very nearly changed my plans on it, but i stuck to my original idea and went with the green on green on green and personally think it was the right choice. Im confident enough with the spray gun now to change the wheel colour or anything else for that matter if i choose at a later date. Oh i forgot to add it too, a little piccy of the bay Phase 2 of this build will see the engine being pulled out and some de cluttering/smoothing going on in there. I have got a subframe i built 2 years ago using mk2/3 engine mounts that will be used on this car. But all that is after the other build is done i think
  6. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Well this build thread hasn't been updated for over a year. A lot has happened but mainly over the last maybe 6 months. As one of my previous updates said i have had for quite a while a plan of a colour change, and i didn't think that change would suit the 4 door but more about that later. Having 2 cars, i have very definite plans on how i wanted both to look and the Mondials were borrowed as they were always destined for the other project. This car was always going to have the newer X5 wheels fitted. Ive had adaptors and the wheels for ages and was just waiting on tyres. I finally got some and got them fitted and couldn't wait to see them on the car. I wasn't disappointed!! I had picked up an Anniversary engine at the back end of last year that was going to be fitted to this, but in the end i sold that off keeping the gearbox and ecu which were fitted into this car earlier in the year. Its currently running stage 1, but has all the mods ready for stage 2. Earlier in the summer i bit the bullet and started flatting the car down ready for its colour change which i was going to do all myself in my mates garage in August while he was away on holiday. I smoothed off the notch in the front bumper and made a US Anni splitter to fit my US front bumper, smoothed off the wings, fitted an Audi TT filler cap, and smoothed the boot. Rocker cover and inlet manifold were painted up along with my newly acquired R32 front brakes (which i found out foul the Mondial alloys!!). Then it was time to take the car down to my mates for a week from hell looking back now (bear in mind I've never painted a car before lol). Heres some pics from that week. The car came back home, not fully finished and the remainder of the panels were painted at home in my garage which was harder still as its a much smaller garage. And this is where I'm up to currently, its not 100% complete yet. Ive had a few weeks break from it. And only this week have been looking at getting a few wiring jobs ticked off the list like my power folding mirrors, cruise control, heated seat looms, bora vent looms. Once thats done it will be back to finishing off the exterior. I know the car is very marmite, and some of the comments on facebook already have been, its too much green. I built this car for me and only me and I've done probably over 95% of all the work myself so I'm pretty chuffed. Bear in mind that a year before it rolled into my mates garage it looked like this ha ha
  7. Back to a Mk4

    Thought that was the case, i bought an Anni engine a while back that had a split r on it already and that was fitted the "other" way around
  8. JasonB's MKIV GTI Anni...

    looking good mate, can't wait to see it
  9. Back to a Mk4

    Nice that mate, glad to see you back in a mk4. Isn't that the wrong way for a split r dump valve? I believe they are fitted the opposite way to normal
  10. R36 daily

    Going to keep my eye on this one
  11. Daz's Mk4 1.8 Turbo

    Most of my update pics for this build are on my phone or Facebook Need to upload some to add onto here. Ive done a bit of work on this shell smoothing off the roof gutters and a lot of work in the engine bay in between work on my other car. Tomorrow going to pick something up though which I'm quite excited about!!
  12. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Been ages since I've updated this Done a few little things to this car since I've had it. It went to VWNW at Tatton Park just after the last update, must be the worst looking I've ever put a car on a club stand After that i had a week off and decided to break out some parts i had in storage for a few years Which resulted in this Then i also got these out of their boxes where they have sat since getting refurbed Got some rubber fitted to them and got them on. These are borrowed off the other project I'm building for the time being. I also did a bit of smoothing and also fitted my US rear bumper and exhaust I also fitted my leather R32 interior and since this picture also the steering wheel The car has a little more bodywork to do then its going for a full colour change soon.
  13. Jacks Bagged R32

    Id like to know the same about the suction cups. Love the car btw
  14. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    Not updated this in any way for ages. Since i last updated the car got stripped of the R Line kit, with the front bumper, grille and bonnet sold and the rear bumper put into storage for my other build. I fitted standard bumpers for a while with standard valances, removed and sold the leather recaro's, removed the full fis bora sport clocks and sold, the list of parts removed and sold goes on and on. I obtained a cloth black/grey recaro interior. The car was at an all time low really. After a month or so and hating looking at the thing i decided to paint up the front & rear anni splitters i had in the garage. They were done in primer grey and fitted. Even something as little as this lifted how i looked at the car again. I was getting ideas flowing again!! Which with another full on build isn't the greatest thing to do but oh well. One of my ideas was a colour change although the colour I've decided on in my opinion wouldn't suit the 4 door, so an idea came into my head to re shell the diesel. I costed up the bits i would need to swap from 4 door to 3 door and established it would be more than i wanted to put into it so i then went off on the look for a swap. I found a lad looking to swap his 3 door 1.8T for a diesel so messages went back and forth but after a few weeks it fell through on his end. With the help of mates looking out for me as well one of my mates alerted me to someone wanting to swap his black 3 door 1.8t for something and whats more he lived a couple of miles away. I sent a couple of pics of the diesel how it was currently sitting and he loved it. again messages were exchanged over a few weeks and as of 27th August (exactly 6 years to the day after buying the car) the swap was completed. The other lad got a good car in my diesel and i was genuinely sorry to see it go, but not one to waste any time i got the new car home and immediately advertised the bbs wheels that were on it and within 24 hours they were gone. I then advertised the red cloth recaro's and may have a buyer lined up for those too. As the jokey sticker I've fitted says "Watch this space" Returned almost to standard looking With the anni splitters fitted, started to look a bit better again Meeting up with the replacement Splitters painted and car ready to go to its new home My nearly 6 year old son saying bye to the car that brought him home from the hospital when he was born. Less than 24 hours in and the wheels have already been replaced