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  1. G60 Alpine White Mk2 Golf

  2. Custom Made Metal Valves for Split Rims

    Unfortunately due to the design of the rim and the size of the valve only the original will fit
  3. Hi there , I was wondering if any body could help? I've managed to snap the metal valve in one of my Rial F1s much to my annoyance. I was curious is there a place that makes custom valves ? Or failing does anybody know of welders in NW London , who will cut and weld a new valve on what's left of the original ? Thanks in advance .
  4. :hMd:

    Lovely !
  5. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Nice work do u still have the M3 ?
  6. Twilight Saga

    Nice work .Ah that MK3 it will always be one of my favourites
  7. Mate you almost made me twist my neck ! I was heading towards the M60 and I just see this phat green Jetta sucking tarmac, nice ending to the day to be honest
  8. Was this driving around the Manchester area about 25 mins ago ?
  9. Bang tidy sir hats off to you ..
  10. My '93 Vento

    Nice work
  11. projekt:black

    Looks like I might have to pop round tonight
  12. Dean's B5 S4

    Love S4's period ..
  13. Snowflake

    Luke hows it going sir ? I'm aiming for an E 36 coupe next bro, I need one in my life ..