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  1. Hey guys, As title states really, Time to replace tyhe clutch on the passat its a NA 2.0 20v ALT Engine and really after a guid or instructions or vw workshop guide to the removal and replacement of Gearbox and Clutch! Any info much appreciated attacking it this weekend!!! Thanks
  2. HELP PLEASE! 1.8 20v issues....

    ChunkyMunkey thanks matey your a star! Sorted the problem out with 2 cable ties and some copper piping from local plumbing store! Read and delete fault codes now all good! But as the parts are relatively cheap ill be ordering them next week (pay day) And yeh my apologies its a 2.0! Thanks again guys!
  3. HELP PLEASE! 1.8 20v issues....

    thinking bout using some copper tube and some jubilees but really after the original part anyone got a clue qwhat its called or part number?
  4. HELP PLEASE! 1.8 20v issues....

    That might be the way im going matey as cant seem to be sourcing it anyplace.... ideally looking for part number or anyone thats got or had the same issue etc!!!
  5. Hey Guys, Did a search but didnt find anything (porbs as im useless) My passat is a 2003 ALT engine code 1.8 20v and lately ive had a huge lack of power and throttle response, also can hear what sounds like a vaccum leak coming from under the engine Cover. Upon inspection I found what I think is the idle stabiliser or some form of gadget on top of the rocker cover with air pipes/vacuum lines connecting to it. This is broken at the bulk head end and blocked off! is this an expensive part what is it? Anyone had the same problem? Solutions and parts to replace.... Just wondered what this part is and whats its job and also is it a main dealer only part! Car is really lacking power and idle is terrible so assuming this may be the problem! Thanks any help much much appreciated!!!
  6. LoL! wish all i had to do was a fmic! actually last one i fitted took ages and to be honest id prefer engine swaps rather than that task again lol!
  7. Thanks to both you guys very very useful info and a huge weight off my shoulders! Hopefully try and find a reasonably priced block and head now! HINT HINT! LoL!
  8. I thought it was clear my apologies..... Yes replaced entire unit as car was ran with a hole in the sump and no oil its seized so i am taking no risks and replacing the entire engine! all ancillaries are fine so ideally only need BLOCK & HEAD! Just want to know if it has to be a 4wd 1.8t engine and fly by wire obviously etc! ARY are very costly im looking for a alternative couple engines to scour yards and ebay for! lol thanks guys!
  9. Hey guys, Just bought a 2003 audi a3 1.8 t quattro with a blow engine, need to replace it and wondered what engine codes are compatible! Currently has an ARY what others can I go for? Any help VERY VERY much appreciated! Thanks
  10. Alloy wheel refurbs?

    hey guys wondering if anyone could help. I live in N.London and was wondering if there was any reputable alloy wheel refurb guys that could refurb my one piece plit rims by polishing the outer dish and colour coding the centres to the car??? anyone??? cheers
  11. Seized Coilovers...

    i have a better solution..... id be willing to give you my shocks and springs and ill take the coilovers off you!!! im such a nice guy sometimes lol!!! nah mate seriously my FK's seize not long ago and i literally puth them in a bucket of wd40 and used a wire brush and it done the trick. would help if you have a vice and hammer along with the C spanners and trust me thatll work!!! alternatively pm me and you can leave them with me and for a small 'material only' fee ill do em!!!
  12. Mk2 misfiring

    hello mate dunno if uve solved it already or not jus wanted to check if it only happens when starting up or is it constant??? 87 8v mmmmm did that use k-jet????
  13. Borbet 4x108 wheels to fit mk2!

    cheers adam!!!