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  1. My Red Bora

    Just been through the thread and the Bora looked amazing - hoping to have a similar finish with mine as soon the guy answers the phone so i can pick it up. Is that Stuart Tate helping with the back to standard swap?
  2. noluck silver mk2 golf

    those fondmetals look familiar - if they're staggered i think they might be my old set Do you still have them? (just spotted the date - so probably not)
  3. Batler's Mk1 Jetta

    I got to see this in person about a month ago and unfortunately missed out on catching the mk2 as well The mk1 looks amazing - great choice of colour (but then i'm a little biased because that's the colour my mk1 is going) and the interior is looking amazing
  4. Kent's Loop GTi

    very nice
  5. Bora Low Wide And Clean Slowly Getting There

    big fan of this and pretty sweet inspiration
  6. My new Mk1 Golf GTi Project

    Really liking this.. kinda preferred the bandeds but BBS are always a good choice
  7. RubbaDubDubs Red MK1 Golf Driver

    very nice - look forward to seeing this at the next Dubs in the Park
  8. My vw Lupo Openair

  9. Built In A Barn: 4motion 450bhp Mk2 GTI

    wow! absolute loving the attention to detail
  10. My vw Lupo Openair

    don't tempt me... already fighting with a mk1
  11. My vw Lupo Openair

    big fan of this, it's making me want one
  12. My vw Lupo Openair

    love it
  13. Mk2 1.3C Type 19 - Bagged, Centre Lock, VR6

    absolutely love this.. awesome build
  14. DanChave's MK3 Cabby :)

    love it have you got anymore of the color changed interior?