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  1. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Thanks... Not as speedy as some of the projects on here but other things in my life take priority such as my young family. It will be done when it's done
  2. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Tunnel now in place along with the Mk4 subframe, started setting up the seating position along with column and pedals. Dash cut to suit cage just needs brackets fabricating up.
  3. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Bit of progress over the festive period, tunnel removed and prop shortened by 190mm. New tunnel folded and ready to go in. Gradual cutting progress of the footwell and firewall to establish the best fitment of the front subframe, using a Mk4 was the original idea but it's not sitting far enough back and the diff is fouling the steering rack and ARB. Also have a Mk5 subframe which seems to sit a lot better just need to get the rear wishbone mount tucked up high enough.
  4. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Few updates.... Received my clubman cage from Custom Cages, used the clubman as it gives me a main hoop and front bars. The rest of the cage will be made up as we go along due to the rear strut towers being moved back. Now the cage is in strength is back in the shell to allow the floor to be cut and the new tunnel welded in place. Had a play about with were the rest of the bars will go
  5. Caton's Mk1 Golf 1.8T 4WD Project

    Syncro rear beam does make things easier but hey were's the challenge it that Will be tying all the cradle mounts in to the cage it ensure minimal flex. Will get my thread updated this week with progress pics, the Mk4 front subframe is the next big job.
  6. Caton's Mk1 Golf 1.8T 4WD Project

    Depends how much fabrication you want to do! I'm using the Mk5 R32 rear cradel and have Mk2 Escort Grp4 rear turrets which have been moved further back and have raised the top mount.
  7. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Thanks for the positive comments guys.... More updates next week hopefully have an engine in place by then allowing the prop and tunnel to progress.
  8. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Bit more progress today, rear shafts on and started to get the new rear turrets in to change the shock angle and take the Proflex coilovers these will be rebuilt and nickel plated. Some serious face rubbing involved lol!
  9. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Cheers, yes wheels changed now running Revoloution centers I picked up as blanks so drilled perfectly to 5x112 then machined the faces to suit Ronal dishes and barrels 10" rears 8.5" fronts Haldex controller is the next big milestone as its gen II
  10. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Plenty of tidying up to do and addition of reinforcement plates... All mount point are to be tied into the cage.
  11. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Rear subframe rear mounts tacked in Rear subframe front mounts before welding Diff bolted up Motor in place, checking location of box mount. Wheels bolted up
  12. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    What drivetrain you running?
  13. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Have a few need to get the Cannon down for some decent shots... Anyway might be keeping it undercover
  14. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Hate to think this would fall into the abyss of failed Ed30 reader rides... So little update... Rear cradle mounts now in after days of measuring and checking... Diff mounted... Engine sat in place for mount fabrication... Tunnel ready to be cut for prop... Adaptors machined to run Evo Proflex suspension.
  15. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    Massive lack of updates on this apologies! We've just had our 1st little nipper so anyone who's been there will know how hard it is to do anything lol Managed to source some centre lock adaptors in 5x112 will need to machine up some different sized locating rings but otherwise perfect for the job... Allows me to get the wheels on and arch widths sorted...