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  1. Cambelt came off when driving

    Ok thanks guys! Was completely problem free from 50k (when I bought it 6 years ago) to 100k miles! I've had nothing but problems now it's gone past 100k miles! Clutch and flywheel are shot, injector wiring failed, 1 injector failed, battery failed, now the alternator!
  2. Cambelt came off when driving

    The pulley has come off but I think it has sheered away from the alternator
  3. Cambelt came off when driving

    Im not sure whether they replaced that belt when the cam belt got changed? It had a master service about 8k miles ago. 5k miles ago the same belt was put back on but that could have been changed 3k miles before at the master service?
  4. Cambelt came off when driving

    Do they just break like this usually or has the garage not fitted the belt back on correctly when changing the cambelt? The car never drove the same after having the belt changed the engine note changed. About 5k miles ago they removed this belt to check for any issues and I watched them put it back on. Would this problem usually happen quite quickly or has it been wearing itself down for The last 5k miles or so? Never heard of this happening before!
  5. Cambelt came off when driving

    Oh I see from pics online its tucked right next to the engine. Thanks! Can't believe the alternator would just snap. I did notice orange dust around the alternator on Thursday and was investigating the issue!
  6. Cambelt came off when driving

    That's what I assumed but I can't see another belt?
  7. My cambelt came off whilst driving earlier, the pulley on the alternator snapped and the belt has come off and is currently sitting on the undertray. I only got the came belt changed 10k miles ago. I guess it has been pulling on the alternator and has worn the pulley? Weird thing is is that the car continued to drive. The battery light came on but everything remained to work. The power steering didn't fail and the engine didn't over heat. I drove it straight to the garage about 3 miles away and it drove fine. The car is a mk5 golf 2.0 tdi 140bhp bkd engine. Does anyone know how the engine still works? I thought it would be screwed?
  8. Reconditioned / used injectors any good?

    Ok cool thanks! Got a used injector from ebay for £75 delivered, new VW injector seals and new stretch bolts and the problem has been sorted. Total cost with fitting £200. Cheers!
  9. Do people recommend using reconditioned / used injectors? Has anyone had any experience with these? I don't really have the money to afford a new one TPS - £550 inc VAT with a bit of discount! I need only 1 injector as the garage is suspecting mine has failed. Car is a Mk5 Golf GT TDI BKD Engine. Trying to sort the dreaded rubble / rough idle and general lumpiness!
  10. I've always used autoglym car glass polish. I apply it with those tough Scott towels and once it dries white, buff it off with a microfibre. Impossible to get smears as its not your typical glass cleaner. Must QD afterwards however as the white powder that comes off when you buff the glass goes everywhere if you put to much on!
  11. Removing Ball Joint from tie rod

    Oh cool! Thanks! no wonder it didn't budge!
  12. I can't remove the ball joint to replace it! The tie rod i think is original VW. The problem is that there are not any flat sides to the tie rod so getting a grip is very hard! Is this going to cause me a problem in future and should i take this time to replace the whole tie rod including ball joint?
  13. What buckets do you use?

    Unless you're cleaning many cars or you've left your car to get very filthy, I doubt you will need to change the water. I use B&Q buckets as shampooing the car takes me 15mins max it's the details after you wash it that takes the time and makes the difference. I personally wouldn't waste money on something that would make no improvement to the car, I'd rather spend it on actual detailing products that wil.
  14. Painting Springs

    Ok well i already have a tin of POR-15 as I'm painting the inner arches with it. Just thinking though these things were powder coated from new and have only lasted a year before the coating has fell off. Is this usual for coilovers?
  15. Painting Springs

    I have KW V1s and they currently look like this all over - They've only had 1 years use! But they are out of warranty. Thinking of stripping the springs and painting black.