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  1. Smurf - my Riviera Blue Audi S1

    See a 3dr s3 local to me, they look Awsome for how small they are. I bet it's a little rocket.
  2. This is going to be special once it's completed. Dsg seems to the the way forwards, gives you the pleasure of both worlds.
  3. Just picked up a B6 S4

    Interior looks in good condition. Really hoping that next year is the year I manage to get one, or end of this one.
  4. Just picked up a B6 S4

    Really like these. I keep looking at them to upgrade from my 1.8t qs b6. They're a lot of car for the money, along with the b7s, triptronic in the b7.
  5. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    That is a quick turn around, be a shame for you to sell, seeing how much you have put into it, time not only money. And as you can see with the other guy, good ones are hard to come by and big money. Would finances stretch to a second car, if your planning on buying another once your shifts start?
  6. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    When you previously said you wouldn't remap this, I thought that wouldn't last long, as you stated that the map wakes these up even more than they already are. Glad your enjoying this!
  7. My latest Avant - B7 A4 3.2 FSI Quattro

    Nice base to start with. We're considering a s4, but seeing as you've put the point across that the 3.2v6 seems adiquate enough I may be swung. We've currently got a 1.8t Quattro b6, and wanted and upgrade, so the 3.2 May tick the boxes!
  8. Sports Utility Race Van

    Van looks to have a lot of potential. I tried to convince the Missus into a t5 but she doesn't want a van for day to day. Pendle performance keep popin up on my FB and seem to get good gains from these 2.5tdi engines, not a bad drive out for you either pendle near burnley (Leeds-keithley-colne-pendle)
  9. Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Further more. It's brilliant to see your explanations and illustrations! Thanks.
  10. Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Read from the first page. You've done amazing work, I'd love some space and time to have a go my self. I'm envious of your lathe! I need some men toys!
  11. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    Your R looks even better now iv seen the images on the laptop rather than Iphone! looks so clean and in great condition following your cleaning session. How are you bonding with it?
  12. Love the look of the van, i bet it surprises alot of people out there. What sort of MPG do you return for such a tuned engine? Also whats the near rear suspension for, 4wd??
  13. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    Looks bloody good Mr Bone. Would you be tempted by a stage1 on the R at anytime do you think?
  14. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    Looks like you've cracked on with the upgrades quickly! How's it compare to the ed30s?
  15. Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    Lovely looking car! And as you said its so much more 'rare' than a mk7r. Your not a million miles from me with your Huddersfield and holmsfirth comment, in other side of todmorden.