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  1. emkaytwo

    How much for the fred perry track top :ph34r: I love you
  2. emkaytwo

    Looks fecking perfect
  3. emkayone

    Nice work boys
  4. Cold heaters...

    Was replacing oil pick up on a 2000 Audi a4 2.0 earlier and had to disconnect cooling pipes, now tried bleeding with tge bleeding nipple, it but heaters are still cold!? Any help? Thanks people
  5. Military MK2! Guiness world record holder

    Ben how much I quite fancy being you so wish to pur-chase this car
  6. Mk3 golf gti coolent help

    Ordered both flanges
  7. Mk3 golf gti coolent help

    Right had a look is it the water flange head end? There's head end and head side :s argh I'm poop, cheers for the help mate!
  8. Mk3 golf gti coolent help

    I think iv found out it is the coolant temp sensor housing, anyone know where I can get one :s
  9. Mk3 golf gti coolent help

    Got a 2.0 8v golf and the coolent 'thing' that goes into te front of the block has cracked, I think the temp sensor might be in it, but my cars bleeding from it need to know what it is so I can order it
  10. Basically I turn the ignition, it starts let go of the ignition it dies, if I hold ignition on it stays running? Help pleeeease!
  11. Annoying exhaust rattle mystery?!

    ahhh ill have to get it up on some ramps and have a better look ill let you all know, thanks boyzzzzzzzzzz

    not too sure on what it could be but a steering rack isnt a hard job to do yourself
  13. Basically my car has developed an annoying rattle which sounded to me as if the cat was fooked but im no expert, had a look yesterday and could see anything significant. its not a normal constant rattle its something like... idle - no rattle sounds fine 1000-1400 revs - rattling when pulling off or when in a higher gear and engine struggles a little 1400+ nothing sounds normal again?! anyone have any suggestions before i have to buy a new cat ? thanks robbie
  14. Geeting my springs off?

    i shall give it a go when iv plucked up the courage cheers for the help peeps