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  1. Plummer's mk5 build

    I like all of it, the rears alot nicer than I thought it'd be
  2. G14OSE - Mk5 Jetta Project

    Ive got a nice us spec front bumper in silver for sale
  3. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    Ive now decided to strip the car down so all the mods are for sale now, I'll be posting for sale ads this week but if people want to contact be about anything they may fancy then feel free too
  4. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Loved this at edition, I was standing by the on ramp to the stage on the sunday and heard all your mates moaning as you'd managed to get stuck on a flat part of the field
  5. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    Haha cheers mate I'll bare that in mind mate, im not sure wether it would be worth to strip it and return it to standard or try and sell it moddede? I fancy being like you and changing cars every two months lol Cheers mate, you got your bumper on yet?
  6. AUDI A3 TDI

    This got beached in front of me as I was coming round for the show and shine on the saturday, looks really nice mate
  7. Junior Player's Suzuka Grey TTRS

    Awesome car, cool plate too!
  8. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    cheers mate, I wanted a down turned one for ages and then spotted this style on a a3 we had in at work so it shaved me a packet not having to go custom!
  9. Mark Mark4Whore Flash Red

    Another mk4 Will look quality on the wheels
  10. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    Bit of an update as I've been quite of late, I got pretty much everything I wanted sorted before edition, manly the new front end painted and fitted. Ive wanted a us spec front for ages now and was lucky to get my hands on one, so I had it painted and I fitted before the show. Also badly wrapped the front grille too I also wanted to get rid of my old exhaust so I tracked down a A3 sline exhaust and fitted it, And one of Harry for the dog fans out there Im unsure what to do with the car now, do I either trim the interior or sell up and do something else?!
  11. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    Very jealous! That petrol cap is quality, I'd love one!
  12. Plummer's mk5 build

    We are in love Even having a dirty weekend away for edition
  13. G14OSE - Mk5 Jetta Project

    This is looking very special now mate!
  14. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    It'd be good to have another one locally
  15. Another Mk5 with alphards!

    He's a black and White one with a tiny bit of brindle in him too, his names Harry. So you have any training tips to try and reduce the nipping? Yours look like lovely dogs!