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  1. Looks/Looked mental. What sort of mileage is it on? PM me a spec as may be in the market for one soon mate. thanks
  2. Moar Door R32

    I like this very much
  3. Mk6 Golf Gti Build

    Where did you order coilys and get that delivery time from? Like the mk5! I want a mk6 to replace my mk5 gti :-(
  4. Nutters MK4 R32

    Fully love this
  5. Lot of time for this! Keep it up
  6. MK5 GTI, 350BHP

    Very nice
  7. My White Mk5 Golf GTI.

    I'm sure I saw it ? Maybe not I often make stuff up to suit myself! Maybe it was someone else with a white mk5 that had reps! I may have made that up too though.....
  8. My White Mk5 Golf GTI.

    Looks nice mate! Where dd you te the ch reps from?
  9. StillStatic edition30

    I know the coilovers can cope being that low. What about everything else? Drive shafts etc? Looks unreal much prefer these wheels over the maybachs!
  10. MK5 GTI, 350BHP

    Picked up a mk5 myself recently! Very inspirational. Without going to far off topic that r32^ any more details? Thread or something? Cheers mate lovley car