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  1. Car for sale. Check Piston Heads for details or pm me on here. £4500 ono Oli
  2. car is now for sale. MOT and service booked in for next week so wil be ready to go to a new home by next saturday. Anyone's interested et me know. £6,500 ono Oli 07791158855
  3. Mate if you seriously consider it let me know. Offers welcome Oli
  4. Yeah I'm pretty bummed about it to Mike but it's time for a change. I need something that is more practical and looks good as standard as I really haven't got the heart to finish now. I can't justify the money anymore. I just hope it goes somewhere that someone can get it done! Not sure yet, maybe: Magne Sport, Golf GTi, Polo GTi, S3 or a 1 series??
  5. Car will be up for sale as of from Jan 2010!
  6. Mexi-chromed RS'd Mk3 Jetta VR6

    Serg, killing it on every level dude!! Oli
  7. Sweet Mike, cheers. It was also forcing the eingine to shack ridiculously. Do you rekon the problems could be linked? It's been shacking for a while but not as bad. Mind you, it is due a service is 24 miles!
  8. Is that a fairly cheap and easy thing to do mate? Still rekon I'll get stuck on the diagnostics first though a'?
  9. Sooooo it's been a hectic few months what with TRYING to get the car ready to a respectable show level, which did kind of fail du to funds and a slight problem with some paint on my wings, which while annoying was no one's direct fault! Anyway so things started to look up.... Until yesterday. Drove the car to college, wich is roughly 28 miles from my house, everything was fine and dandy except for the little shackyness due to the exhaust being foobar'd. Anyway, picked it up out of the multi-storey I park it in to then take to the college's car park and the car started frantically shacking/vibrating and it was taking so much to get power out of it. It wouldn't drive over 30 mph! And the engine light kept flashing on and off?? Dad thought it may be the clutch ( ) Few other bods I spoke to reckon it's a sensor. So after waiting three and a half hours for the RAC recovery I finally got home at 10.35pm last night!!! Anyone got any idea of what this could be? Thanks for your help, Oli
  10. Absolutly love this car! Without a doubt my favorite Polo. Oli
  11. Snap! I saw your car in the tent area (I think) but couldn't find a face to resemble that hardcore looker in your pic Catch up with you on Sunday oli
  12. I'm on it sir! Think I saw you at Edition?? Blue 6n2 with full orange interior? See u at Players, player Oli Cheers mate
  13. Cheers for all the nice comments people. Another update will be on later. I have finally got round to doing the boot build. Just need to trim it now. Any suggestions what I should use? Cheers, Oli
  14. Shadow blue Scirocco.

    Finally found this thread! U got spotted at Bluey mate Car looked hard at Edition to by the way! Oli
  15. Polo 9n3 Build Thread E38 pics page 13

    Stunning motor Ste. Can't understand why u never entered the S&S?? You would have won something for sure mate. Oli