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  1. VW TRANSPORTER T5 build

    This is incredible - Love the mulberry too! When is the coalville meet? Im only in notts, so not a million miles away!
  2. DAB aerials

    Not sure of the brand its just a flat black tee bar thats up in the corner of the screen. Id be keen to hear how you get on with your aerial
  3. JL W6 re-cone help?!

    Ive reconed a 12W6 with a repair kit from simply speakers but I'm missing the trim piece that sits over the top of the cone this: Do i NEED this to run the sub or is it purely for cosmetic purposes? Im just paranoid having reconed the speaker and getting raped on import tax the first B-line that drops it will poo itself and ill be back to square 1 Heres an exploded view, the item missing is the ring on the far left...
  4. DAB aerials

  5. Recommend me a single din headunit

    For the negligible difference in price you may aswell have DAB too... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alpine-CDE-196DAB-CD-MP3-Bluetooth-Car-Stereo-USB-Aux-In-DAB-Digital-Radio-/401041704722?hash=item5d5ff2c712:g:4okAAOSwHQ9WbsfQ Thats what I'm tossing up between and an android HU - but i know this will sound night and day better than a joying and the like but its the features of the droid ones thats the selling point.
  6. DAB aerials

    Ive got a stick on windscreen mount DAB aerial and its terrible, what are people using that is consistent and doesn't need to be drilled in (its for my T5). cheers!
  7. Xtrons android 5.1 HU

    £700?! The one I've linked is £190- that's literally at the top of my budget for my work van
  8. Please delete me!

    Double post please delete
  9. Xtrons android 5.1 HU

    I've been toying with the idea of getting an 'xtrons' android 5.1 unit like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191896270712 for my T5 which I use for work as I've currently got a terrible xplod thing it came with and I need something that does hands free calling and nav and came across this, which ticks all of those boxes plus a hell of a lot more! Im just a bit unsure as it seems a bit too good to be true. Has anyone heard/ fitted an xtrons unit before? I'd be keen to hear about the other models as they also do an RNS style one too but that's a bit pricier than the one I've linked and can't see too much difference if I'm being honest.
  10. Shadow chrome finish in wheels question

    ^ Is this out of a gun for both or powder coated base? Im also looking to refurb a set of wheels like this, i want the finish as close to the E39 M5 wheels as possible. Ive taken them to my local powder coaters and they've said they just has a regular chrome finish which i fear will look garish and fake bling. This is the colour I'm after but I've done a little reading and it seems the OE BMW paint is lead based and not on sale over here due to the lead content. Pic for reference; Sorry for the hijack, but its too similar to start a separate thread and my wheels are at the dippers to get them stripped at the minute so I'm looking to get this done pretty soon!
  11. That will last forever!! Have you used this yourself? if so can you shoot it out a snow foam lance too?
  12. Im about at the end of a 5L tub i bought YEARS ago. I love the stuff its great out of a lance and foams up really well in a bucket - I live in a pretty hard water area so getting decent suds with things like megs gold class & AG shampoo is almost none existent. Im just wondering since its been so long since i bought any shampoo product I've not payed any attention and wondered if there had been any advancements / improvements in products for something in this price range?
  13. JL 10W0v3 in a ported box?

    They have the volume requirements on the JL site for both ported and sealed enclosures, that should give you a ballpark figure of what to aim for in terms of volume. I think it will be the same volume for a 10" ported box as almost a 12" sealed one though.
  14. Ive been a massive penis....

    I suppose this is worth a shot before i flip up a £500 HU :/ Ive tried with tweezers to no avail but not needle nose's.
  15. Ive been a massive penis....

    Im guessing it I'm gonna have to gamble with taking it to bits then! Anyone need any bits from an RNS-e? XD