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  1. SAW's Mk4 R32

    Thanks very much for the comments guys appreciated. Lost the middle/large front bumper grill with some spirited driving. New one ordered. Also on the look out for a new oil dipstick as the handle on mine has snapped off. Can still remove it and check oil freely which is ideal, but detracts from the car a little.
  2. SAW's Mk4 R32

    Haha as you can see its a love hate thing for most people. Thanks, the car is pretty clean for its age
  3. SAW's Mk4 R32

    Thanks guys. The wheels look a lot better in person that pictures can show unfortunately. Marmite with many people. Just wanted to get something that wasn't 3SDM or Fifteen52 like we see on every other car at the moment. Dunno if more of a side on image will help at all but here's one anyway
  4. SAW's Mk4 R32

    Few pics of my R32. Was standard when purchased now quite well modified Spec so far :- WHEELS AND TYRES 18x8 et35 Enkei RPF1 in F1 Silver 20mm rear spacers 215/40/18 Bridgestone Potenza Tyres SUSPENSION KW V2 Coilovers KW Adjustable Rear Arms Powerflex Poly Bushes Front Top Mounts EXHAUST AND PERFORMANCE Lucifer Cat Back Non Resonated Exhaust System Lucifer Decat Milltek Exhaust Manifolds Carbonio Air Intake Stage 2 Remapped to 273bhp and 285lb/ft EXTERIOR Smoothed Front Bumper Leon Cupra R Front Splitter White LED Sidelights White LED Numberplate Lights Other info:- Car has full heated black konig leather seats as standard, factory fitted sat nav double din unit, lester arm rest, and is also low mileage at 79k with full VW Main Dealer Service History. Future plans:- Front big brake upgrade and head unit upgrade (probably Alpine appleplay doubledin)
  5. 24v Burgundy Pearl Corrado Track Car

    After the wheels came some track prep as we have our first outing tomorrow afternoon on the Track Scotland track day. The seats are now custom mounted and we changed them for a pair pair of Cobra Suzukas. In time we'll also change the blue material for black. At the same time we had 4-point Takata Harnesses fitted. Much more comfortable all together and more useable. The Momo Team 280 was swapped for an OMP Targa 330mm Suede number. Some roll cage padding was then fitted also. Brakes upgraded from standard discs and pads to Brembo Max discs and EBC Yellow Stuff pads. Feel good after some aggressive road driving but the real test will be on Saturday after some laps. The car also received some maintenance in the rear bias valve spring being repaired as it was jammed, the brake fluid was changed in its entirety, and an oil leak was sourced and repaired where the temp sensors etc go in. On top of this, a decat was fitted to give the car a bit more noise and it sounds excellent now. Also feels a bit better to drive. It was the round to Dougie @ Trix to have the arches rolled as the wheels were catching slightly, and a racker suns trip fitted as well. Another purchase we've made but not had time to have done before Saturday is a CCM gearbox with a Peloquin LSD fitted. We'll look into that being fitted next month before its next track day. I 'think' we are now ready for tomorrow. See how we get on i suppose. Hopefully the weather is a bit better than when i took the pics yesterday lol
  6. Hi guys, We've just purchased a CCM gearbox with a Peloquin LSD installed for our 2.8 24v Corrado Track Car. We are now facing a choice. Are we better removing the LSD form the CCM gearbox which has a longer final drive (3.3) and fitting it to the Corrado gearbox (3.6 final drive)? Or are we better off using the CCM box as is?? Knockhill is the track closest to us - however we are also planning on various UK track days and have also booked a tour to Spa and Nurburgring. The engine is currently producing 240hp and 220lb/ft. I know the CCM box is a lot more suited to an F/I car, but looking for some peoples opinions before doing 2 gearbox changes. Thanks Stevie
  7. 24v Burgundy Pearl Corrado Track Car

    Two jobs were done at the weekend. Heaters refitted, and also track wheels fitted. Much better fitment. Tracking needs done unless its the balancing thats out. Got to dark afterwards so the pics i took later were rubbish after it was washed. Wheels are 16x7 et25 Compomotive MO's. I've got some Dunlop track tyres we will fit to them later on in the year once we've tried it out with the Yoko's are worn down. Next job - decat as the is currently blowing at the join, and the car is too quiet. Upgraded discs and pads and a rear brake bias valve as the one fitted just now is seized. Also look into lowering the seat position as its a little too high at present. Custom mounts will probably be the best way forward for this.
  8. 24v Burgundy Pearl Corrado Track Car

    Thanks guys. Yup the 280mm is too small for track. Will be swapping that out for a 330mm. Feels nice driving normal but no good for driving hard.
  9. 24v Burgundy Pearl Corrado Track Car

    Its fwd…… but has the 24v engine from a v6 4mo fitted. Standard VR6 gearbox.
  10. Today i went along and picked up my mate and I's new track car after selling our Clio 172. Corrado VR6 with a 2.8 24v conversion from a V6 4mo. Its an absolute beauty of a car to drive and a perfect track car. Rough and ready on the outside but all the right things done to make it a very capable track car. Mods are :- 2.8 24v Engine Conversion Remapped to 240bhp, 230 lb/ft torque. Huge Cone Filter Magnex Exhaust System. Totally stripped out of all interior except dashboard. Full Roll Cage. Fixed Bucket Seats & TRS Harnesses KW V1 Coilovers 312mm Front Brake Upgrade 16" TT Mini-Comps Lexan Windows Carbon Fibre Bonnet 280mm Momo Team Steering Wheel Snap-off Steering Wheel Hub Tinted front indicators All Red Rear Lights Short Shifter Fancy Gearknob Plenty more that i can't remember at this moment in time. Pictures speak a thousand words though, so here are some Excellent car to drive - much better than the Clio although that was fun, but this car is certainly more what my mate Marc and I are into. Plans:- New wheels - got them already, will be a huge improvement. Decat/Noisier exhaust - it is so quiet it isn't right for a track car Upgraded discs and pads - OEM stuff probably won't last long on track Other than that, drive the hell out of it, few track days at Knockhill, couple down at Oulton Park and Cadwell as well, then a trip to Nurburgring is on the cards as well. Chuffed to bits
  11. Try this again Tough one between these next 2 as to what's my favourite pic of the car
  12. Some pics from today RR day http://www.flickr.com/photos/reallypoorpix/8924597392/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926355253/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926341983/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926964968/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926973240/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926982024/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/john8191/8926346685/
  13. Thanks guys. Got some more pics at the RR day today. It made 293hp and 284hp, with 284 being more accurate as the guy reckoned there was some wheelspin on the 293hp run. Considered some Boxster rears for the front brakes, and paint the rear calipers black. See what happens
  14. Cheers guys. If got a couple RR print outs which all vary (as they do with different dynos). One with 285hp, the other 296hp. I'm actually attending another RR day tomorrow to see what this one shows. Expecting over 300hp from reports by others on how lenient they are. Power is helped along with a Quaiffe LSD. Some difference it makes to the drive of the car with the power. Future plans are to change the leather for a pair of fixed back buckets with harnesses, half cage and also to upgrade the brakes & suspension. Bigger brakes up front and stiffer/adjustable coilovers are needed aklong with a rear ARB to sort out the handling. Here's a full spec of the car as it is now. Basic run down of the spec. ENGINE 2.8 VR6 Vortech VF-9 Supercharger 8 PSI Pulley Redtop Injectors Bypass Valve Schimmel 263 Cams Scorpion Exhaust System Miltek De-Cat Raceland 6-branch Victor Reinz Head Gasket Gas Flowed Cylinder Head ARP Head Studs Black Samco Silicone Hoses 10mm HT Leads TUNING Remapped by Stealth Racing to 296hp @ fly. Other RR (DynoDynamics) shows 285bhp, 245 lb/ft of torque. GEARBOX Rebuilt OEM Gearbox Quiaffe LSD Uprated Clutch Lightened Flywheel WHEELS 17" Enkei RPF1 Alloys in Gunmetal Grey Metallic 195//40/17 Continental Conti Contact Sport 3 Tyres Superforma 20mm Spacers With Stud Conversion Superforma Anodised Red Wheel Nuts Anodised Red Tyre Valves SUSPENSION TA Technix Coilovers Fully Poly Bushes BRAKES EBC Drilled and Dimpled Discs EXTERIOR Rolled Arches Smoothed & Detextured Bumpers Highline Side Trims Colour Coded Rear Spoiler Removed Joey'd VR6/GTI Headlights Smoked Front Indicators, Foglights & Tow-Eye Covers Smoked Siderepeaters All Red CL Rear Lights INTERIOR Black Heated Colour Concept Leather Interior Momo 320mm Steering Wheel CLIMAtronic Air Con System AUDIO Alpine Headunit Uprated Front Speakers Cheers