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  1. As per title of post, do i run the normal Mk4 golf flywheel bolts from the Dual Mass Fail Wheel or do i run VR6, G60, 16v Mk3 Flywheel Bolts? I don't want to get the box off to find i have the wrong parts!
  2. Mk2 1.6 diesel replacement

    any 020 rod box will physically fit as far as i am aware - its just about ratios to make it drive nicely.
  3. Budget Tyres

    Nexen N'FERA are now on wife Audi A2 - hardly a performance car but seems good in all conditions. Had Kumho before which were equally ok. I'd consider Hankook a premium brand - at least equal to Goodyear/Pirelli/Michellin - certainly above Toyo/Yokohama/Falken from personal useage.
  4. not the first to do this but certainly sounds entertaining http://www.build-threads.com/build-threads/lifted-mkv-golf/
  5. not sure - my car has no anti roll bars as its 4 stud base model! just as you struggled with beam i wondered if that was making beam less 'bendy'. yeah, by pushing wheel back it rubs (on my car) on top of inner arch (12 o clock) and edge of bumper bracket as opposed to about 11 o clock position before hand. however that was on 17s with 195/40s - what it will do on 18s and 205/35's god knows!!
  6. Vento + AGU = What Radiator?

    Quick overview - im putting an early 20v AGU in my Vento and am struggling to work out what radiator to use to ditch the header/expansion tank. (Would also save moving brackets to other side like the mk4) If i was keeping it i think a VR6 one would be best, but the location makes one with built in side expansion tank awkward to fit. What have others done when doing similar? Pics would be awesome by the way!! Seems much simpler on a mk2 without the huge plastic bolt in front surround.
  7. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    OMG!! Mind Blown. I had no idea this was possible. Does the build thread cover any mods you had to make to bits/engine i can go back over did all your pics disapear in the #photobucketgate
  8. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    what engine code have you got? is it on a K03/K03s? Looks more like a BAM with a K04 from the pipework and inlet
  9. much better. oddly i didn't struggle with mine with polybushes fitted as such but did have the whole beam out of the car. put plates onto the floor, then the beam brackets to the plates loose, then squeeze beam in and strighten up and tighten. have you got an aftermarket roll bar added to the beam? hoe does it look aired up to driving height?
  10. Mk1 golf abf gear change

    IM CONFUSED. you say you have a cable change box - as in 02a from the abf - but have a 1.3 clutch cable from the pedal - it should be hydraulic pedal to clutch? Or do you mean you have an 020 rod change box and your using a cable from the clutch pedal to the box? Or do you have the 02a cable change box with the g60 cable to hydro bit at the gearbox end?
  11. especially with that tailpipe!!! thtas got to be a dummy surely......
  12. thats on Mk4's - all good on Mk3's guys
  13. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    his interior is fully custom alcantara everything.......
  14. Unsure if this is the right place for ths but here goes - Wife has a 52 plate 1.4 Petrol Audi A2 Clutch is all but dead and its pretty unresponsive vehicle to drive in my opinion so i thought about fitting a lightened flywheel for it. I can't take car off road to lighten the one fitted so thought i'd source one from to send off first then fit while doing clutch However, Audi dealer says by reg plate the flywheel is 038 105 269 C as a part number and this doesn't match any flywheels i can find on ebay. Does anyone on here know audi part numbers? Could they decifer as i found one which is listed as 030 105 271 D - would this fit? Its listed as 2001 1.4 AUA Manual which bar a year of manuafacture is surely same car???