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  1. Bill - The Mk1 Golf

    this is sick cant wait to see it progress
  2. Early Mk2 Scirocco

    lovely car and great work just read it from start to finish
  3. Project Pride of Scotland...........

    not usually a fan of the mk3 but this is unreeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllll !! awesome
  4. This is sick ! Great work
  5. My Pearl Grey Mk2

  6. Atlas Grey MK2 3dr

    Just sat and read full thread. You have done a great job looks great mate
  7. Mk4 Ibiza FR

    Looks great bro
  8. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Awesome build mate
  9. I was dressed up as the marshmallow man! Had a great night on sat was in and out a few camps all night, ill post some pics up later on
  10. mk4 speakers

    thanks mate is that for both?
  11. mk4 speakers

    what size are the standard front and rear speakers in the mk4?
  12. Sixteen's 1990 Black OEM+ 16v

    beautiful car dude
  13. Cope's GTI

    just had a read through your full thread ! what an awesome car i need a mk2 in my life
  14. Candy White Mk5 Golf GTI...round 2!

    lovin how your puttin your own stamp own it! fair play