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  1. Lance Snow Foam Machine

    Where's the best place to get a kit from ?
  2. Hi all, Having looked on loads of peoples threads whats the benefits using a snow foam? I see cover your car in foam but whats the actual benefits over normal washing? Thanks!
  3. G60 Running Problems

    Thanks, Ive checked the blue temp and thats fine. Ive since replaced the number 3 ECU relay again has done nothing to help. It only seem so start running really rough when its warm, it gets the plugs all blacked up and stops. Anyone?!
  4. G60 Running Problems

    I have a K Reg Corrado G60 thats been a prject for ages, its MOT is now due and ive had to do a few things to get the car legal basically. It had no CAT and the lambda sensor was shot. ( emissions were very high) Ive just fitted and new CAT and lambda sensor but since doing this the car is running extremely rich. I took it out for a 10 minute drive and once it was warm it started misfiring and cut out. I tried to drive after that but it was missing and running only on 2 - 3 cylinders. Ive since removed the plugs and there were completly black (not oil) I then left the car all day and started it when it was cold and it was running ok ish (was on all 4 anyway) What should i be looking for as i really want the car ready 4 DC11. Its a Corrado G60 running a BBM Charger, I havent had much to do with the car mechanically since ive owned it, its only done about 500 miles this year and has always run rich but not this bad. I was wondering if G60's have air flow meters? As mine doesnt so how does it know how much air its getting? Also what other sensors could be at fault? Help Please!
  5. Dip Beam - Doesnt Stay on?

    Yea they all work still
  6. Dip Beam - Doesnt Stay on?

    Hi My Dip doesnt stay on, it works when i pull the stalk say when i flash people but it doesnt stay on. Does that mean the column stalks are faulty? Any 1. Its on a Corrado G60
  7. Alternator - G60

    Bump Any 1?
  8. Alternator - G60

    Hey. The alternator looks easy to remove from my G60 but i want to know how do you retension the belt? It runs the charger so want it to be right, is there a special tool to compress the strut thing?
  9. My mk2 vr6

    Lovely car mate! remotecs 4 sale then ?!
  10. Bought Then Built! Let The Carnage Begin!

    Im in Lewes mate Drive a Mk2 G60 (Blue Metallic) Bro goes round in Silver MK3 VR6. Is the workshop vw specialsts?
  11. Bought Then Built! Let The Carnage Begin!

    A local guy!, wheres that work shop? Loving the BBS Wheels, never seen them before. What are they called? Shame about all the work needed on the seals, did it have MOT when you bought it :S?
  12. Lost Locking Wheel nut key

    East sussex, should be at prept this month aswell mate
  13. Lost Locking Wheel nut key

    Cheers mate, will have a go There have always been torque to 110nm so hopefully wont be tight!
  14. Lost Locking Wheel nut key

    Hi. My mate has a MK3 golf with Schmudt TH lines, and being a plank, he has lost the locking wheel nut key. The locking nuts fitted are like nuts but are like 8 sided, i havent tried getting them off with a punch or anything as i dont want to damage his wheels Can any body suggest something i could use?