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  1. my atlas grey 16v

    Went to inters today been having trouble with selecting gears so i was on the look out for a bush kit amd weighted shift rod lucky enough i found a brand new bush kit and weighted rod on the jumble and payed a tenner for the lot So the plan is to rebuild my linkage asap.also bought a g60 leather steering wheel. Few pics of other parts i got More updates soon as the old girls booked in the paint shop next month
  2. my atlas grey 16v

    Thanks alot mate its not perfect but a nice base
  3. my atlas grey 16v

    Hahaha i might have
  4. my atlas grey 16v

    Well after searching and breaking best part of wolfsburg i finally found my mk2 the plan is to keep it completly standard but have it as clean as possible heres a few pics Updates to come soon
  5. BBM mk2 vr6

    this is beautiful mate
  6. My baby boy's first GTi

    im trying to find it on the net now
  7. My baby boy's first GTi

    thats brilliant mate i need to get my 7 month year old one now
  8. my mk2 vr6!

    since i last updated i have sorted the stance out lol i now run 8x15" all round got rid of the g60 archs and went lower went and had some fun at pod one i nicked from santa pod gallery lol
  9. my mk2 vr6!

    i didnt even know this thread still exist lol will get some more pics up soon
  10. My VR6

    very very cool
  11. Coilovers

    use rado vr6 top mounts the g60 ones wear really easy
  12. vr6 ecu re-map

    i have just had mine done from c2 aswell and i have felt a very nice increase in mid range torque and power feels really good now, my spec is 6 branch,bmc,decat,2.5 system and the c2 remap.soon to have ligtend crank pulley and cams
  13. vr6 ecu re-map

    c2 motorsport or stealth racing are the only places for vr6 remap
  14. my new toy mk2 bbm

    very very nice love this colour
  15. Black 1990 MK2 GTI

    very very nice mate