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  1. Touran GTI

    This thing is gonna be mental, I bet it catches a few people out at the lights
  2. mk5 gt gti

    Im a little biased but should look really nice when its all put together.
  3. Newbie's A3 8L 1.8T

    Top looking car, Reminds me a lot of my old one,
  4. Mk3 cabidashory

    Here is my mk3.5 to compare it against.
  5. Audi A4 B7 Avant, Airlift, Rotiform, Porsche

    Looks really nice on the Rotiforms, You must be pretty local to me?
  6. Looks really nice on the new wheels, This is giving me the inspiration to get mine back on the road.
  7. JasonB's MKIV GTI Anni...

    Great news about the feature mate, You deserved it.
  8. A MK6 with a silly spoiler

    Love the spoiler, I was drooling over it at UD, Even measured my mate's mk6 against my mk5 to see if I could make one fit.
  9. Its for a 3 but all you have to do is change the fixings on top of the rear door cards