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  1. Nankang tyres

    X2 If you have big torque and drive fast spend decent money on the ONLY part that is in constant touch with the tarmac. why have the power if you can't deliver it or use it properly? its like having sky+ hd 3d and watching it on a 15" black and white tv
  2. MK4 Wagon from Belgium

    such a lovely clean/honest looking wagon and the wheel collection is stunning, not a single set I dont approve of! excellent work my friend
  3. Wheel PCD

    Centre bore being 58mm suggests its not a porsche fitment, Porsche is normally 71mm so not sure if adaptors would work sounds like something pretty oddball, could explain why they are cheap like those chippies
  4. Wheel PCD

    to get the PCD on a 5 stud wheel measure from the centre of one bolt hole to the centre of the bolt hole next but one (if that makes sense!!!!)
  5. What brand 195/40/16's

    Yokohama S-drive, directional tyre perfect for wet grip.......(slightly biased as I work for Yokohama) but a lad here runs them and loves them.
  6. Project grandad , What have i done !

    loving it mike, so easy to mod. wheels...lower....job done!
  7. Centrelock Wheels ?

    We used to do the TSW Pindrive with a centrelock system basically an adaptor with the cars pcd on and a large centre thread that the wheel went over with a single nut which screwed on the other side with a massive torque wrench (terrible explanation) used to be a black golf with them on
  8. Stretching yokohama S-Drives

    What width rim and tyres you running anna?
  9. Me and my Bora

    Your on a 'paint ban' until 01.01.10 !
  10. My Passat

    Yeah your defo right mate, think if you got something a bit more 'run of the mill' you'd have to personalise them some how
  11. Me and my Bora

    his passat is uber cool!
  12. My Passat

    mega cool car matt, love that and michelles bora, 2 lovely paint jobs think a big full face wheel like the audi monoblock or tsw holsten would suit yours an absolute treat but love what you've done
  13. Me and my Bora

    Can you apologise to your bloke for encouraging more paint/mods! ! that would look the nuts though
  14. Me and my Bora

    cream with wire wheels, classy 50's american styleee maybe some curb feelers
  15. Me and my Bora

    Flip it, cherry red wheels, mirrors, roof with a cream car