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  1. E36 coupe with cinnamon leather

    That's it. Thanks bud.
  2. E36 coupe with cinnamon leather

    Forgot to say the car was white in colour
  3. E36 coupe with cinnamon leather

    Hey chaps, A couple years back now I remember looking at a build thread and it was a e36 coupe 328i and the guy fitted m3 seats but redied them cinnamon colour. Anyone remember it? Trying to get in touch with the owner. Cheers Alex
  4. Hey Chaps, Need a bit of advice, I need to wash and polish my Volvo as the paint work is going pink and dull again. I am also thinking about claying the paint work at the same time to remove as many impurities. Do I clay before polishing the car or after polishing the car. Can anyone recommend a good car wax that will last weeks, ie I dont need to wax the car every week? The polish I will be using in Auto Glym or Red T Cut. The wax must be able to be put on by hand and be good value for money. Cant really spend more than £15 Cheers for your help guys. Alex
  5. Hey Guys, I have just inherited my parents old Volvo Estate which is red. The paint is a non metallic and has gone all pink with a milky white layer over the top from the sun. I am after advice ln how to restore the paint and how to protect the paint from this happening again. So far I have managed to restore most of the colour by giving the car a good wash, dry and then a T-Cut. Here is the product I used: Red T-Cut It has left some remains of the while milky layer. What do others do? Use T-Cut till they remove all the white layer and the paint has returned to red? What is the best thing to do? Cheers Alex
  6. Want a bentley flip key for my leon

    LOL, no, I bought a set of bentley wheels for my A4, and when I wn to pick them up, I was playing with my flip key for my A4, as I am sure ost do with klip keys, and he guy that I was buing the wheels from said that he had the key from his old bentley he px'd and gave it to me. It has no use to me so im going to flog it.
  7. Want a bentley flip key for my leon

    I have one for sale and its defo not the price Bentley are asking
  8. Zenon light flickering

    Sorted guys. It was the bulb that was the problem. Now sorted with two new bulbs. Cheers Alex
  9. Bleeding brakes

    Sorted now guys, brakes were hard when the engine was off as the brakes were not being assisted. I rebleed the brakes again and a few bubbles of air came out from both the rear calipers. Anyway long story short, I have my brakes back now. Cheers for everyones help.
  10. Bleeding brakes

    Hi guys, I'm a bit baffled at the moment. I have just finished installing a set of new pads and discs onto my 1998 Audi A4 bit in the process I took out the calipers to paint them which meant I had to disconnect the hydrolic lines that feed the calipers. I have bleed the system after topping up the reservior and then bleed the brakes from the furthest point from the mc. Now with the engine turned off thr brake pedal is nice and hard but once I start the engine the pedal goes to the floor with ease. I just do t know what the problem is. I even thought I had to bleed the mc but there is no bleed nipple on the mc. Same thought about the abs pump but again no bleed nipple. Can anyone help? Cheers alex
  11. Zenon light flickering

    Good Idea. I will try that and let you know. Cheers Alex
  12. Zenon light flickering

    The car is a 1998. Im not sure if the car was vagcomed but I know that they switch on and work so there is no problem with the car accepting the xenon lights.
  13. carbon fibre

    http://www.performance-trim.com/product.php?product_id=68 http://www.performance-trim.com/product.php?product_id=76&category_id=48 http://www.performance-trim.com/product.php?product_id=105&category_id=48
  14. Zenon light flickering

    Hi Guys, Ive got a set of RS4 headlights fitted to my A4 but recently the drivers light has started turning itself off after a while and a message coming up on the dash saying a bulb is out. When I turn the headlights off and back on the light works fine again. It happened again today but when i tried turning the lights off and back on, the light flickered and went off again leaving me to think that maybe the light is overheating. What do people think? Does anyone know where I can get two new bulbs from? Cheers Alex
  15. Staggered wheels on permenant 4WD

    Hi Guys. Ive got a permenant 4WD A4 and I was thinking about putting a set of staggered wheels on the car. Am I wrong in thinking that I cant put staggered wheels on it due to the very slight difference in overall circumfrance due to having to use wider tyres on the back causing problems with the 4WD system? Cheers Alex