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  1. Recommned a tyre dressing

    I can't rate the Meguiars Endurance High Gloss tyre dressing highly enough! Easy to apply, lasts for weeks! Cant be bought from Halfords
  2. Audi TT progress (pic heavy0

    Please please please re-do your Powder Monkey sticker so the larger text runs parallel with the roof rails, my OCD is going crazy!!! LOL
  3. I can't stand these Beetles BUT I love your work Mugly! I always look forward to your threads & even updates on this as I like seeing you add a bit of glitter to this turd Will be great to see what level you take it to before you undoubtedly sell it! LOL
  4. I did a buy.....

    Holy flipping poop!!! :blink: :wub:
  5. JasonB's MKIV GTI Anni...

    Got to be up there with one of the best sorted mk4's in the country! What sort of money would you be after for it?
  6. Kw coilover refurb service ? ( uk )

    Go direct mate, only approved 'trained' KW stockists can refurb dampers. They won't sell damper inserts for example directly to the public you have to go through them for supply and fitting!
  7. I did a buy.....

    Love this soo much!!!
  8. Project midlife crisis

    YES!!!! :wub:
  9. I did a buy.....

    Whats the first 2 pictures? the tyre fitters scratch one of the wheels?
  10. Glad the sills got sorted! Now you can get back on with business as usual! :-)
  11. Project midlife crisis

    God damn this looks nice!! And those ETA's!! :wub:
  12. Another MK4

    Runner up!?!?!? Who the flip won?? LOL
  13. Rebuilding a turbo at home

    I rebuilt my old astra Coupe Turbo and had never done anything like it before, sent it to turbo dynamics for balancing after. Worked perfectly! I say crack on mate, be very methodical and you'll get on fine
  14. j222ajm black mk2

    Stunning! I look always look forward to updates on this build!
  15. EPIC work Mugly! She looks utterly awesome on the comps! and all those little touches you're adding are really taking it to the next level! IF you even do decide to sell please chuck me a pm, I've a hankering for a nice mk2 :-)