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  1. Miami Vice

    The comps came out stunning
  2. MK4 project

    Any pictures of the doors? Alcantara inserts sound great in my opinion
  3. Audi SQ5

    I LOVE this thing :wub:
  4. Tweedy's Mk4

    Leather Recaros Love the steering wheel also
  5. My reeses piece..

    Thanks Sham; very happy with it but still working on some small details right now. In talks with a buddy about it currently, but need to find the right motor for the swap. Preferably something clean with low miles and has the harness/cluster/etc.. haha yeah definitely not in any rush for shows or winter build time frames. I would like to enjoy it more this year before doing any motor/bay work on it.. The thought of doing the motor and bay really scares me, seen too many people start on that process and then never drive their car again
  6. My reeses piece..

    Only major change left to do is an R motor swap...
  7. My reeses piece..

    so no real progress for this year, but I can't wait for summer to get here.
  8. Another MK4

    so damn good, I keep coming back to it. Any shots of the new retrim Sham?
  9. My reeses piece..

    Thanks dudes, I'm in love with those shots.. especially considering it was shot right outside my garage as the car currently isn't road legal so we couldn't go to far. Hopefully be able to enjoy the car a lot more this year, would love to finally do the bay but not sure if that will happen this season or not.
  10. My reeses piece..

    :wub: Thanks guys.. full set is here.. just didn't feel like posting all 90+ pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/sdobbins/sets/72157650911826546/
  11. My reeses piece..

    Dobbins newest set ;D
  12. Another MK4

    Withholding pics of the wheels till after UD?
  13. MK4 project

    Hell yeah Jordy, can't wait to see the retrim and new interior bits done.
  14. My reeses piece..

    The itch to bag it and put some wide 20s on it is definitely there.. but just took it on a little road trip last week for a snowboard vacation and it was so nice to ride in a non lowered vehicle and be able to haul a bunch of people and gear along. Thanks to Doey I have a used Euro bumper/Votex lip now that will hopefully being going on the car sometime this year after I get the notch filled and it painted Imola.
  15. I think with the matte wrap I would stay away from a polished lip and just go satin centres gloss lips personally