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  1. Not updated this for a while, been busy having our first child, so here goes.. The exeo is brill!!!! way more bag for your buck than a audi of the same money, ecconomy isn't brill.... 30s around town 4mid 40s on a run unless im really lucky!!! but we did buy the 170... so we knew it wouldnt be as good as a 140... but it does go well off the traffic lights when needed... 0-60 is only 8 seconds, not bad for something just shy of 2T not had any real gripes other then when its really cold the in car heater is that good it drags the engine temp down quite a bit in traffic or crusing on motorway... but the heaters always warm... that and the melting headlights, but the new ones replaced under warranty seem far better. since we have owned the exeo we have had the accessory spoiler fitted as the back end looks odd with out it, all the badges removed and a set of pressed plates, ive not got many pics of it yet really...but once the weather gets a bit better we should get some more. also since the last update the valve has been sold....and the 20vt has come back home! i have also got it a new set of rims, some comp mos but again due to the poo weather it hasn't been out... the plan is to go back to a twin lamp oe front for the more stealth look... and finally the mk4 went at the start of dec, and it its place is a late B6 A4 Avant s line ,which came completely stock .. but now its been de badged, given pressed plates, had the rear windows given a profesional oe privacy tint, and i have got a set of 19s ready for the summer..so it now looks like this.. thats about it for now lol so only a small update...
  2. Can anyone reccomend some hids which won't cause interference, or very little that I can hopefully cut out with some feriate beads on the supply cable... As I did looks at doing a proper retro fit on my b6 a4 but its silly money! I already have projector lights from the factory and normally I am happy with just good bulbs... However the wife has factory hids on her exeo and getting back in mine seems like I just have 2 candles!!! But the last set I had gave interference on the radio and I do like listening to the radio rather than my CDs or iPod.. Any reccomendations Cheers Karl
  3. Isofix retro fit

    If it was an optional extra then you can retro fit it, my b6 a4 was a doddle, and the b7 is the same (it was optional extra on both cars) however if it wasn't an optional extra you won't be able to retrofit it, and I wouldn't try and bodge it it, I have witnessed the testing for my job and they are designed to take a HUGE load! We are talking around a ton iirc, seat belts are a pain but if routed properly will be just as safe
  4. Double post, stupid wifi...Cheers guys
  5. Cheers dude, the mk2 isn't quite the same league as my 20v was, but I must admit the full leather and small bumpers make it pretty special, the 20v might be back in the next year or so though as my little bro as asked if I fancy a swap once he's got the turbo out of his system.. Then the 20v will be evolved from a full blown track beast to a every day fast road sleeper. The seat will prob do a few shows next year, it turns heads where ever we go as the exeo is pretty rare,and there's even less 12 model year ones around at the mo, a nice set of wide rims for some stance and a milltek exhaust system will be the only mods for now, unless we try a black wrapped roof for a bit.
  6. All change! Since my last update we have found out we are expecting our first sproglet, so I decided it would be best to sell my track car, and the wife's polo, then we would get another estate car, the idea being it then didn't matter which car i took to work, My little bro had both the mk2 and the polo off us, as the ideal daily and toy combination, We then went shopping for a new daily, we did look at Audi A4s but I wanted a sline b8, and we needed a 2010 model year or later due to wanting to tow a camping trailer, and before 2010my you need a 2k upgrade to fans etc before you can safely tow! In the end we settled on spending a bit more and came home with this beast! A seat exeo 12my 3 month old 170 TDi Sport Tech estate..all the bells and whistles, sat nav, cruise, HIDs auto everything, leather... etc etc.. and its metalic white with ganster blacked out back windows from the factory. I have already started playing with a bentley 12V socket plug, german number plates, de badged, and a seat roof spoiler on order (A4 S line spoiler basically), and I have fitted a boot liner too. Not got many pics yet but will get some more soon, here's some from when we picked him up. I then got itchy fingers and picked up another tidy oe 89 valver in Helios blue, 110k from new, full mint leather, leccy windows, leccy mirrors, power steering, and a massive wedge of history! First job was sort the gearbox linkages, and set the engine up, then a deep clean, sort the electric mirrors (new switch) feed the leather, and enjoy... Then I started playing... Lay flat rear wiper, stainless oe style exhaust, new rims and lowered as I got sick of rolling in corners lol, It now looks like this....he's not been washed so not looking quite its best.
  7. Bluetooth hands free head unit

    Oh well, cheers for checking
  8. Bluetooth hands free head unit

    Does it fade it back when your listening to the radio too? Or just when listening to music on the iPhone?
  9. Got an odd request, I'm looking for a new hu, and I need one that will do hands free, but rather than muting the radio fully I want the option to just fade it down. I know it sounds odd, but it is because I plan on using my iPhone as my satnav now, but I want the directions to play through the car speakers. I can do this when I have the iPod plugged into the xcarlink kit, as it just plays all the sounds the iPhone does, inc message and email alerts annoyingly. I have seen a video of somene using a satnav with ioplay hand free kit to play the directions via the car radio, but that cuts the sound fully, so on the bit of road where he had the speed camera alert the radio turns off every 5 seconds to warn of the camera, then it takes a moment for the radio to come back on,... Then it cuts out again. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants to use their iPhone for satnav, but would also like to listen to the radio some times rather than just my iPhone music all day. Karl
  10. Cheers very much, still unsure if I want to sell the mk4 and go back to another b7 A4, or build a mk5 golf estate... Or just keep the mk4.
  11. cheers, The pics of the mk2 don't do it justice, its not to every ones taste but its a little bit of a sleeper (if you egnore the loud dump valve when running high boost lol) with 270+bhp and the same torque on tap. Im hoping for a dry weekend so I can get it out for a wash and drive again
  12. Now for the wifes car.... also known as my bribe toy... as the easist way to get her to agree to mods on mine was to get her a new car and mod that for her too..... so back in June 10 we sold the wifes Arosa to my little brother, as we needed something a little bigger, and diesel as I am using the car to get to work every so often.. the choise was made for a 9n3. We did look at 1.4 tdis, and then she wanted a Dune.. but the 1.4 just wasn't quite man enough for the motorways so the only choice was a 100bhp sport. after looking at a fair number of "mint" cars that were actually dogs! I went all the way to Newcastle to get this beauty! £6300 which was a little more than we wanted to spend, and only a 3 door, as we really wanted a 5 door, but the millage was right at 59k, full service history, and came with all the toys.. full auto climate, winter pack with heated seats, and cruise! so I said yes please! First job was get some nice plates on there, and some better rims, as the tyres were on their way out so it seemed a good time to change any ways. This was at the first show, Inters.. the black rims were chosen as they had good toyos and were a sensible price, but not the best colour on a dark car, however the wife said she wanted either some TT comps, or Dune alloys, so the black GTi style wheels stayed while I was looking for some more. Then came the honecomb grill, inc the side pannels, the drives side pain stakingly cut out to allow the air flow to the inter cooler. Next up was the lowering kit... jom coil overs then it was new wheels time...first TT comps for the summer, and Dune wheels for the winter.. I got her a polished set of TT rims but she has now said she fancies them a colour, so for this year the dune winters will be on, and the TT rims will be sent off to the powder coaters some time soon-ish for a colour change .. I have also given her a bit of a meaty bark too, as there is now no silencers in the system, but I am thinking of fitting a milltek decat down pipe, and a polo GTi system so it has showing pipes for a little more bling.. this is more of a slow burn project though as the wifes happy with her Betsy as she is (bar being a little too quiet compared to her old arosa sport with 4-2-1 manifold, de cat and single box syste, lol
  13. The mk2 (aka Vince) arrived late 2009 to replace my old mk1 as a track toy.. when I got him he had a rather long spec sheet! the gist of it being.. •Mk2 90spec GTI 8V Shell •1.8T AUQ engine from Octavia VRS 2004 •Quaiffe LSD 02J Box with tdi 5 speed •ECS Stage 1 clutch •Corrado pedal box and hydraulic clutch •Weitec Coilovers •Eibach ARB's Front and rear •Polybushed all round front and rear •Bremsport 4pot brakes with 295mm discs on seperate bells •Electric windows •Octavia VRS leather seats front and rear •K04 Turbo •Carbon BMC Airbox •MBE Standalone ECU •OZ Supertourismo alloys powdercoated in anthrecite •Dakota digital gauges imported from america fitted into centre dash vents •mk4 shifter •chromed rocker cover •custom 2.5" exhaust system he looked like this when I got him: The first things to go was the bonnet which was starting to rust on the front edge, the seats as I fell out of them on a round-about, the wheels as I wanted a bit more of a motor sport look, He then made his first outing to ultimate dubs and looked like this: Since then he has ticked along nicely, with a few more mods inc visiing the Qpeng guys for a once over and a tweak of the ECU, safety devices rear cage with harness bars, cobra monaco pro seats with ricco racing fia harnesses, jetta front conversion, wheel colour change for the road set, flocked dash, centre console and door cards, plus tweaks to the handing set up like DS2500 pads in the front now for the road (DS300 for the track) and oe rear pads, audi RS2 master cylinder as this is the biggest one that will fit to help peel a nice short pedal with the 4 pots, rare vortex deeper rear posiler with 3rd brake light, and he has also been treated to a pukka Bentley flip key! so this is how it now looks at its last outting for the club GTI curborough sprint day, where I managed to pick up 3rd fastest time of the day, very chuffed as its not a track that favours front wheel drive turbo cars too much being tight and twisty I havent got many more up to date pics of the mk2 as the weather beenn poo lately, so as soon as it cheers up I can feel a road trip coming on some more photos being taken, but for now he is tucked up in the garage,
  14. I had a thread ages ago that I just fround with my old cars on it here but I thought it was about time I got a proper thread going for my fleet.. first up the daily..after selling the A4 (I sooo want another one as soon as I can!) I took the sensible option(ish) and went back to a mk4 estate, 1.9tdi solid engine, enough room for what I need but fits down the side of the house better (another reason for selling the A4...we just got our first house and the drive would be a bit of a squeeze with the A4... but now I have re done the front so that wont be an issue in the future lol).. and I always fancied a sport when I had my last one.. The next mk4 HAD to be a pukka sport with toys! when I got mine there was a grand total of 2 for sale on ebay / auto trader / piston heads etc! luckly one was ticking all the boxes and not too expensive (but still more than if I had just got a normal estate!) £6500 later I owned this! full sport spec, so a GTI with a big boot! auto climate, auto wipers, auto dim rear view mirror, body coloured rub strips and handles, sport seats etc etc.. It didn't take long for the modding to start, black R32 style head lamps, retro fitted cruise lowered a bit on jamex shocks and springs, Touran rear wiper..then came a LCR splitter as I quite likes the one I had on my old mk4 estate. It stayed like this for a few months then I got the TT 18s, which showed up the fact it needed to be a bit lower... I then dropped it onto FK coil overs, descided that I wanted to be different to everyone else and have showing tail pipes (this was a bugger! the back panned neaded to be trimmed a little so it was off to the body shop to be done properly, otherside there wasn't clearance for the pipes to get through), so I now have a Bora miltek system on there with a petrol 4motion rear valance (euro markets only), which really sets off the rear end as the 4mo valances are deeper and more squared off than the stock ones which just curve under the car. I also thought the front could do with a anni valance to finish it off along with a new set of rims.. (although the rims will be changing colour over winter....) pus I have had the power windows activated, the miles to empty and needles mod turned on. so this is how it looks now, Gave it a wash and wax tonight as the rain has held off, Im rather please with how it's looking at the mo, I'm tempted by a few more bits but I think the next thing will be a milltek down pipe, and anni foils for the speedo..
  15. Spent the morning at my mates body shop and its now ready for the miltek, should be ok all being well