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  1. Apart from felgenfuchs and srr is there anywere else to buy split rim dishes?in need of a 40 hole oz 18x1.75 lip
  2. split rim lip question

    Iv got some 40 hole lips removed from a set of carlines.am i right in thinking they will fit any wheel with the same amount of holes? Thanks in advance
  3. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    Where did you find the billet door pin holders?
  4. clarkys mk4 anni

    Well sadly the car was rear ended tonight and its more than likely going to be wrote off
  5. clarkys mk4 anni

    Heres a pic from a local show took by shot by swans
  6. clarkys mk4 anni

    Had the front arb removed today.its now sitting better next is chassis notch and r32 hubs and arms
  7. clarkys mk4 anni

    Heres a little update to keep the thread alive.the 20th anniversary us equivalent has a number sticker on the cup holder face.so had some made up thanks to rich stockley before after also ordered kufatec adapters to fit the r32 xenon headlights i have and replaced the wings as mine were rusty
  8. clarkys mk4 anni

    Kufatec r32 looms ordered
  9. clarkys mk4 anni

    I keep looking qt them and then bottle buying one.got some r32 xenons to fit just need some kufatec adapters
  10. clarkys mk4 anni

    Cheers hamidi.wanted carlines ever since you bought these origionaly Cheers bud and ye i know what you mean but iv got a diesel anni valence and cant decide wether to run that or fo for a milltek Thanks bro No it wont of been.i was just a hungover mess at ud and didnt take the car
  11. :hMd:

    Awesome car,such an inspiration.im running your original carlines.
  12. clarkys mk4 anni

    Cheers man its gettin there slowly Ye needs to go lower yet.need to cut the arb out then notch chassis Ye i like the badgeless look.cheers
  13. clarkys mk4 anni

    Well suppose i best update this super slow build thread..finally fitted the new wheels.there hamidis old 18" car lines running 20mm adaptors that ended up on matts blaxk mk4.need to fit camber shims on the rear and remove the front roll bar to get it sitting a little better ...still needs paint aswell comments welcome
  14. clarkys mk4 anni

    Heres a few better pics. goes in for paint in the next few days.tyres arrived for the new wheels this morning and i got a space for the saturday night at ultimate dubs
  15. clarkys mk4 anni

    Fitted the air ride yesterday.really happy with how its turned out.will drop abit more once the 18s are fitted