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  1. Biggest OEM 5 x 100 brake disc

    V6 TT are big but I'd assume they are just the same as an R32. Try mk1 Leon's as they came with brembos and are 5x100.
  2. Eurosunday Belgium 29-05-2016

    Looking forward to it this year. Great show when I went two years ago, good mix of cars.
  3. Gabi the BBM MK2 golf gti 8v

    Was looking over this at elsecar and it's a very nice, classy car, love the wheels too. Worthesee is cool isn't it just hard to explain to people why you drive 2000 miles to stand in a petrol station.
  4. Expansion Tank Delete

    Yeah pretty much. In line filter or top fill rad, fiat bravo rads work well. I deleted the pipes to the throttle bodie as well to tidy it up some more.
  5. What battery for boot in VR6

    Sounds like a bad earth. Earth the engine/starter to somewhere in the bay to see if it's that. Battery should be earthed to somewhere as close to the battery as possible.
  6. Mk2 Golf Subframe Bolt HELP!

    If it's at the body shop and still being moved around then just put some big bolts and nuts in the bumper support holes to tide you over.
  7. Mk2 Golf Subframe Bolt HELP!

    If you mean the front crossmember then the two 'outside' bolts fasten too the bumper through the chassis leg but also provide a large support for the front end. The middle bolt threads into the chassis leg. If it's the middle one that has gone then you could drill it out and use a nut. There is loads of access with the bumper off. You'll need to support the engine though as thouse 6 bolts are all that is holding the weight of the engine.
  8. Project 'Pink Floyd' - Mk3 Cabby

    Looks good on the new wheels. 17's FTW. How are you finding it being that low with the deeper sills on the cabby, any issues?
  9. The Porsche and merc museums in Stuttgart are worth stopping at, they're amazing.
  10. Looks loads better now it's been de modded if that makes sense. Too many mk3 VR's being scrapped these days. I've got a full mk3 sunroof in Doncaster/sidonthinksohorpe if your stuck for one.
  11. My First Mk2 Golf

    Looks like a good base. Would love an early base model mk2.
  12. TYP19E

    Really classy looking mk2 you've got. The wedding pics are cool too, better than the usual wedding cars.
  13. UK Rallye Golf Show 2016 (new venue)

    Always a good show. Glad you've got a new location sorted and should be mega at the racecourse.
  14. 1988 White Golf Gti 16v One Owner, FSH.

    Looks like a tidy mk2 you've bought. As for the heaters check to see if the two water pipes entering the heater from the bay are still joined by a valve. It's common for that to fail and not let any hot water get to the heater.
  15. Stretched tyres

    Yeah thought so. You see a lot of TT comps advertised as fat fives. Never any bargains the other way round though.