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  1. Mate you are posting technical qstn in clasifieds part of the forum, you better off posting in apropriate section
  2. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    Yes it is bud, matt black respray next
  3. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    And the odd evo, m3 as well as some french crap wagons
  4. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    Picking up a complete bumper tommorow in black with spoiler on it....
  5. Dales Mk1 track car

    Do these come in audi blue? Me need some to!
  6. ED38 convoy from Blackpool area.

    I'l take you up on that offer, cheers danny boy! C u saturday
  7. ED38 convoy from Blackpool area.

    Any time saturday suits me bud Wish dales car gona be ready! I still need to find a tent, i'v lost mine, cant find it anywhere
  8. ED38 convoy from Blackpool area.

    What day are you going? NWVAG lot going friday i believe, my self(blackpool), and few more lads from blackburn probably going saturday morning, you welcome to join any convoy you like P.s. i can probably provide you with that manifold if you still need it
  9. As above, who on here has widest tyres on rear? Got some 19" rims to go on mine, porche carrera s 997, fronts are 8x19 and rears are massive 11x19 !!! Did some research and if i fit 225/40/19 on front and 255/35/19 on rear i will keep near identical rolling radius with 0.23% difference which is negligable, and rear tyres wont be massively streched Offsets are et 57 front and et 67 rear, and was thinking on running 25mm front adaptors and some thicker ones on rear Basically just wondered if i will need arch work so i can start ringing around
  10. 1.8t 20v Turbo Questions

    Agu is a great starting point Standard internals will take 300 hp if in good condition Get a jabba manifold and strap an ihi vf22 onto it and you are there with 300 hp+ Obviously you will need an fmic
  11. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    He He, i know what you mean rob Rado is all about looks and enjoying sweet handling, audi is for speed thrills
  12. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    Well rado is finished(for now) and booked for mot! Spent last 3 days on bodywork and few more mechanical bits like: service, front braided brake hoses ect Decided to paint rhs gloss black for now, get it on the road and than spend a free w-end on it and paint the whole lot matt black Used good old rattle cans! Just need the front chin spoiler and a black vw badge for the front grill Here is few pics Amongst the bits swaped in service i'v changed a fuel filter and this were its contents! After cutting out and cleaning out as much rust as as poss, i'v treated it with cure rust than started rebuilding the arch with fibre glass filler. It took a while but i got there in the end! I'v made an arch shape cutt out from other side in cardboard and used it to get correct shape Followed by a few coates of primer with filling and sanding in between than few coates of gloss black Also repaired the sill and bottom of the drivers door at the same and painted it After flatting the paint and a quick polish it doesnt look to bad for now Quite a change in apearance since i got it delivered, well happy with end result considering everything was done to the small budget Cant wait for fresh mot ticket so i can drive it for the first time
  13. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    Yes mate, sometime over the winter i guess
  14. Project Ebayrado(DONE!)

    Some more work done this evening Got my mk3 top mounts set i'v bin waiting for so now i could get front coilies on Much stronger/better top mounts set up than any mk2 even G60, note the size of bearing! Top mount fitted Coilies on White powder coated stealies with new michelin rubber put on today from other spare set of wheels Just got to do front flexi braided pipes up front once i get some G60 disks and carry out 280mm conversion Bodywork after that, mot and tax and it should be on the road