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  1. 14 inch bbs rs 242`s

    pm`d you
  2. 14 inch bbs rs 242`s

    anyone know where i could get some bbs rs 242 dish`s from ? or know anyone who could repair one ? thanks Paul ..
  3. syncro rear end

    its a poverty spec syncro cl, was gonna get a rallye box and 20valve it , just seeing what sort of power i could run sensibly
  4. syncro rear end

    iv just aquired a 3 door syncro shell and running gear im weighing up my engine options i know i need to change out the rod change box for atleast a rallye one , but cant really afford to go full haldex on the rear right now just wondering if anyone knows what sort of power the standard syncro rear is happy with thanks Paul ..
  5. australian mk1

    Off for mot
  6. australian mk1

    thanks mate, its taken me ages to find the correct paint code
  7. australian mk1

    it now has correct matching glass opening quarter lights
  8. australian mk1

    nearly ready for mot now , then i can get her uk registered
  9. australian mk1

    front end on
  10. australian mk1

    way off
  11. australian mk1

    not much gone on this week, got rear bumper on though
  12. australian mk1

    leo`s started rebuilding the bay started on the old paint , really happy with how its come up .