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  1. audi tt mk 1 suspension damage help please

    Thanks mate. Looks like this is the best option then. If it was better weather I'd get under it but with a garage full of corrado crap and a tt that won't move I don't think I can wait till spring. Ha Thanks for the help.
  2. audi tt mk 1 suspension damage help please

    Thanks for the replies guys. Sounds like it's likely to be an expensive fix whatever I go for. Assuming its a case of replacing it all...what am I looking at for parts ball park? If we are nearing the 500 quid I might just go through my insurance. Frickin hate the snow!!!
  3. audi tt mk 1 suspension damage help please

    Thanks for replying. I'm in the midland near solihull. Think you are probably right. I know this is a bit of a newby question but if I've bent something will it be noticeable to the eye or only once parts are bolted on?
  4. Hi all Like a loser...I lost the car on a tight corner in the snow tonight and hit the curb quite hard. Anyway the front wheel is now pushed into the rear of the front arch. Obviously with the weather as it is I've not been able to get it home or jacked up etc but was hoping someone on here could give me a clue what the damage is likely to be. I know that's hard without seeing it but the wheel is still straight and turns, but won't turn without ripping off the wing ha. Anyway and views would be good as I have a 500quid excess and trying to work out if it will be cheaper just to get it repaired. Thanks for your help. It's a tt .mk1 QS in case that makes a difference?! Matt
  5. That bloke that does insurance's car.....

    Really like it. Either bright silver or white wheels would suit it better for me but I'm not a fan of dark coloured wheels on anything to be honest. Like it alot tho.
  6. Hi all hope you can help. Recently purchased a pair of spacers from vw heritage for my corrado which I was told i would need 57.1mm centre bore. However it seems l(assuming the ones in the box are 57.1mm as it states on the box) like the centre bore of my hub must be bigger as the spacers are too small?? Before I go back out in the dark to measure, has anyone any view on why this may be the case? Is there a common upgrade etc? I realise I should just get off my ass and find a torch but this is a lot easier as you guys seem to have the answers ha. Thanks in advance. Matt
  7. All red rears which flash Amber?

    I've ordered maribu 407 dark green so I might have gone for the wrong shade but we will see!!
  8. All red rears which flash Amber?

    Yeah any pics or videos with green bulbs out there? Don't understand why so many people say green if it doesn't work?!
  9. All red rears which flash Amber?

    I have purchaced both the green LEDs and some green glass paint so will try both and let you know which one seems to work best.
  10. All red rears which flash Amber?

    Thanks guys ill see what I can do then
  11. All red rears which flash Amber?

    This is the kinda poop I love this forum for!! So does anyone know where I get green bulbs from?!
  12. Hi all. I have laminexed all red rear lights on my corrado but they also flash red even tho it has Amber lenses under the tint and Amber bulbs. Anyway of tinting them in a way that they look red but flash Amber? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Corrado 8v

    Thanks mate. yeah i want to get the base as good as i can before i do anything else.
  14. Corrado 8v

    Thanks mate.