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  1. 82 cabrio.

    Ok I will...it's a scabby cabby on black steelies with beauty rings and stickers in the rear windows. Going up on my own on the Sunday (bf on holiday) so say hi. (look for a girl in lairy trainers)
  2. 82 cabrio.

    Really pleased for you. Might well bring my brown car to Edition on the Sunday.
  3. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    Update to keep alive: Some new parts on order from France and the engine is painted. In next few weeks hope to fit up the door latches and handles and the brake lines in the engine bay. Then it'll be engine in first I think as the wiring is going to take a while to get looking tidy/hidden. Also got some different wheels on Ebay which I'm going to run before I get my splits refurbed as they need all new rims.
  4. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    Two rubbish photos to keep the thread alive. To say I am happy with the job done would be a massive understatement. Bodyshop have really gone the extra mile with the prep, paint and panel refit. Car has literally been treated as if it were their own- I know this because he wanted to buy it ha ha. Anyone Midlands based after a similar job pm me for the details. Got 2 more weeks at work then the summer to start the rebuild off. Need to buy some new brake bits first.
  5. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    Nothing to say except it's painted and the panels are back on! Picking it up either this weekend or next and could not be happier! Only new pic worth showing- it's now colour sanded, undersealed and panels on. 10 litres of basecoat should see it last another 33 years.
  6. Repaint costs

    A lot of sense of this thread. A good painter would hopefully come out to look in order to give you an estimate. But a good painter wouldn't do a flawless job for £1500. You need to think about how long you want it to last and how good it'll look versus how much you want to pay; and meet somewhere in the middle.
  7. mk2 golf respray

    ^^^ Yes. And you get what you pay for more or less. What's your budget? I would highly recommend the guy who's doing my car. He's in Warwickshire.
  8. Opinions on chrome bits from Germany and windscreen trim

    If you look on German Ebay there are a number of companies (i.e. clean-chrom, gold-parts to name just two) who sell chromed parts. There are no companies on Ebay in this country which do such a thing. I would estimate by the number of people on this site that someone would have bought from one of them at some point, therefore I am seeking opinions. Hope that clears it up for you.
  9. Anyone bought any chromed bits off German Ebay? Interested as to what the finish and longevity were? Also has anyone changed their chrome windscreen trim- would like to know the diameter as changing mine and wondered if there was cheaper option than the VW Heritage/Crazyquiff price. I've seen Mini stuff on Ebay cheaper but thought it might be too thin? I think nearly £60 for enough for both windscreens is a bit of a rip off for some plastic chrome personally!
  10. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    FINAL coat of primer And finally- the shell is all one colour for the first time in about 20 years. Painter has put loads of extra work into it- there was a ton of panel warp from welding the rear arches in and some dents I'd missed too. Needless to say I have offered my sweeping brush and kettle duties for the summer when I'm off work. I am so excited! Question is whether to put all standard stuff in the way of door/locks strikers etc or invest in chrome ones from German Ebay? Just think standard zinc coated ones might look a bit rubbish now.
  11. 82 cabrio.

    Great progress!
  12. MK1 Derby Polo

    the windscreen...uh-oh. you can't get them new anymore! you going to use high build primer yes? good progress!
  13. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    I am a girl so the heart is allowed.
  14. Dennis the Mk1 Derby.

    Had some photos sent to me since. There were a few bits where my prep wasn't quite up to scratch which are now getting sorted. A shallow dent on the roof is nearly sorted too. Exciting!
  15. 82 cabrio.

    What are your electric problems? Also CV boots aren't too bad, brakes prob just need a good bleeding up. And mk1 golf suspension is fine to change- even better if you plus gas it and get a cheap impact gun. Loads easier than on a polo. Exhaust is the one thing I would get garage to do- can't get mine to stop blowing since I changed it for a new system front to back.