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  1. WANTED adopters for mk2 golf

    Hi Sorry dude i got that bit wrong.... i want 4x 100 to 5x130 for the D90s...... my wheels are 16 inch, wide 8 on the front and 9 the back ones..... do you know where i can get the exact fitting adapters for the wheels?
  2. I need 5x100 adopters for my Porsche D90 wheels, so that i can have them on my mk2 golf.... they can be used as long as in good cond. and good price........
  3. Hi can any1 tell me tell me? the difference between cross hair head lights and the standard ones....... also where is the best place to buy them from? crystal smoked single grill version.....
  4. Hi people, can any1 tell me how to fit a induction kit on my mk2 gti 16v...... cheers Karencho