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  1. Rondell wheel supliers

    Wouldn't fit with adaptors and not willing to spend the money on a retrial to be honest
  2. Rondell wheel supliers

    Does anyone know anyone that stocks Rondell 0067 wheels in 5x100. I've looked for hours on the Internet and can only find them in BMW fitment. Doesn't need to be UK but must be in 17" 5x100. Quite a rare fitment it would seem but they did make them Wheels in question Thanks in advance Purds
  3. V-dub island

    I live in portsmouth and have never even heard about the show. It's on for 4 days and held on the Isle of Wight. Has anyone ever been that can recommend it. Thinking about going next year Thanks Purds
  4. Trailer Tents

    So a moderator was able to move this but not answer my question!!!! Thanks
  5. Trailer Tents

    Already have but no reply yet Purds
  6. Trailer Tents

    Anyone know if they are allowed at the show? Thanks Purds

    If anyone has spair tickets for this around the portsmouth chichester area that can no longer go let me know. Pm me for my number. Will collect early morning Purds
  8. New Policy

    Well no luck this time unfortunately. Insured it through elephant for £680 and you guys were quoting over 2k. If you find a deal better I would happily change over but of not then nevermind Thanks Purds
  9. New Policy

    Haha well this would be the first car. The mk2 would be the weekend toy. Had a call today Martin and he's going to phone me back tomorrow. Hopefully we can get something sorted Purds
  10. New Policy

    Just bought a second car and want to get it insured with you guys as the mk2 golf 20v is currently insured with you. Phoned earlier and woman sounded like she had no interest in quoting me. Said she was going to get a price and put me on hold when she hadn't even asked what vehicle year model if it was standard/modified. All she asked was what car and value? Need insurance from Sunday when my 7 day freebie runs out. It's a 62 plate Merc C220 amg sport coupe valued at £23k. If there's no way on insuring me for that vehicle I understand but she could have just told me Any way less moaning. Would love to sort out a deal asap Thanks Purds
  11. BBM 20vt MK2

    Could you not fit an adjustable steering column to make the wheel sit lower for you. I'm sure you can do a toledo conversion or maybe I'm just making that up. Seen something somewhere about it
  12. BBM 20vt MK2

  13. What Model Of BBS wheels are these

    Boom!!!! Thanks pal
  14. What Model Of BBS wheels are these

    No RA's I have ever seen looks like them Purds
  15. What Model Of BBS wheels are these

    They are ever so slightly different. If yoy look at those RG's they sit flush at the end where as the picture I put up they are slightly raised at the end. Gome Ed38 guru's someone must know Purds