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  1. SuisideVw

    pics look ace! good luck as well!
  2. I'm Blue Dah De Dah Dah Dah

    ye no probs mate was a good day out!!... shame we should have go to derbyshire!!!
  3. lovin the look of this!
  4. Project 13 Darkdoob

    true true but i know were you live!!! when you startin work on it again then man?? heres some more!!
  5. Project 13 Darkdoob

    ill load some more of yours and marks in a little bit!! and ur welcome lol... couldnt just leave u stranded at the side of the road with no fuel aye!
  6. Project 13 Darkdoob

    Rolling shots from the way home mate.... sorry there not great! u out 2nite buddy??
  7. SuisideVw

    sorry mate im rich's mate.. i was round the fire on the sat nite and met you in the mornin as u were driving ur car into the show!
  8. SuisideVw

    car looked ace at the show! was nice to meet you aswell!
  9. Project 13 Darkdoob

    scene marine my arse!!.......lets hope we can get some work done these next few nights!!
  10. '00 Lupo SDI - AntiClimax Update.

    looks class nice stance!!
  11. Oak Green Sixteen ($old)

    Really liking this! love Oak Green valvers
  12. My mk2 ryder 2 ltr 16v

    really nice looking dub! love the bay!
  13. Project 13 Darkdoob

    pics came out well.. need to get some propper rolling shots though!!
  14. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    cars looking pimp mate last time i saw it it was blue lol
  15. Project 13 Darkdoob

    cool man be there in 20!