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  1. Hahahaha long gone im afraid matey
  2. Yes mate that's where it is Your plans sound cool, my mate who does the work with me has a VR and is planning a twin turbo set up on that one ;-)
  3. just off Fountain street mate, near the roaundabout where ATS is, im not their all the time but can be if sorted prior to coming, will be their late some evenings and also weekends too
  4. yeah the oil capacity is something that im very particular on, the VW Motorsport shallow sump does take the correct amount i can verify this as thats what I'm running now ill keep you informed of any meets we may do etc :-)
  5. iv had 8 sumps this VW motorsport (shallow steel bottom type) seems to be perfect tho, the subframe is now the lowest point. The sump still holds the correct 4.2L my engine needs - a must wehn running a Bigger turbo and to keep the oil from getting too hot etc Lots of people run less oil = causes turbo trouble, and also premature engine wear. The car was on show at fuelled society last year and this and always at Harwood house VW Festival might do a few meets at the unit if i can organise something.. sundays are quiet in the estate where its located.
  6. Thanks guys Richardarren, my GF mum lives up their and I also have alot of friends in that area. the car is a proper daily drive so will be seen all over Appreciate anyone who supports the new venture, you can be assured all work is carried out to a OCD high standard
  7. Thanks mate appreciated
  8. cheers for the replies, the output BHP will be something near 400Bhp with a stupid amount or Torque Im on with other projects for other people, and any other work that people may want doing, We have just got the keys to a unit now in Morley Leeds. The birth of BGK Tuning is here ;-)
  9. Polished Parked next to another Project car We built, Estate MK3
  10. Cheers mate. thats OCD for you haha, as i say, this is how we roll. try to do all conversions OEM style. I always look at the show and shine cars at shows, even ones that are not daily driven like mine, and the engines are never as clean
  11. Cheers dude BGK Tuning - one for the future, this is car number 1, has been others too all to same detail. Mk1 caddy, Mk2, Mk3 estate... few Mk4's We have just got a unit so hopefully can go for it a bit more :-)
  12. cheers mate, its a great example for its age, however it didnt look so great when i got it 5 years ago... 20 years old this August!
  13. Takes some real patience to keep the engine so clean ha. people just wont ever understand how hard this is with a true daily driven car unless they have lived through it too hahaha