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  1. Mk1 R32

    Eat dinner off that... Super clean install
  2. Updates..... Great pics on Facebook
  3. A20 VTV A few Pics from WESTSIDE.....

    Picked this up last aug, Bbs sold by the previous owner.. Part of the purple dash was left in, just wondering any one knows any other build threads on this? Work in progress agm
  4. Watching this on fb..... Got the right person, one which had your under dash trim flocked. Stripped and there like new lovely car. Watching this thread.
  5. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    Epic read so much detail... Well done
  6. Solid brake pedal

    Thanks try that..... Did have the lower dash out
  7. Solid brake pedal

    Golf g60 20v turbo.... Not been used for awhile just started up from time to time, noticed when the hand brake went off, left with a dim light still. Checked the brake reservoir and it was totally full up. So I removed some of the fluid still have the dim light and noticed that the brake pedal is solid to push? Took the car out see if that would help... Still no joy and you have to press pedal really hard to try and stop... Any help would be great thanks
  8. My Pearl Grey Mk2

    What's the specs on current wheels? Rub at all? Great build by the way..... Hope mine will look as good one day
  9. Mk1 build

    Read tho........ Lovely work bud true dubber
  10. Got to be the best car show video

    nice upload great vid and a lot of skills......
  11. Really Should Be Old Enough To Know Better

    love this....... vag with the twist of shine, wheels suit the colour bang on nice one
  12. Mk3 Turbo

    look forward to some more updates
  13. Lion's 20vt Rado

    tidy project love the colour
  14. mk3 cabby mulberry wannabee

    just put those wheels on mine tidy car bud
  15. never ending story....

    cheers comments, come say hello if u see me again been looking into the grill (early one). Think i might still be able to pick one up from vw bit of luck Been to a few shows now also like the us side light mod, front bumper need work... few scratchs from previous owner Also might get some orange indicators for the sides and the front, break up the black abit. Love to see your car bud with the same wheels took some work to fit, but well happy with it so far, and i use it as a daily too