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  1. Audi a4 plate filler

    Hello im after a number plate filler pannel for my b7 sline. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Ive looked on google found a few from america but looking for a uk seller if possible. Any help would be great Thanks
  2. Project A1NGRY - 2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

    Car is looking good matey. Really like how individual your making it. Nothing better than going against the grain. Im also going to vag tunner live with my b7 avant. Should be a good day
  3. VW Golf mk3 gti FS

    Amazing mk3. Where dis you get the wheels made up?
  4. You can do mate. Can leave it in place just remove the pipe from the exhaust to the egr and use blanking plates
  5. I would remap it mate i had a 115 tdi bora and had it mapped to just over 140bhp. Was alot quicker and responsive. Well worth getting the egr mapped out aswel as it just makes the inlet pooy. Mpg will improve plus performance is alot better
  6. Pd 150 boost issues

    First thing is had you had it plugged into vagcom to get any readings or fault codes? Also when the turbo seals let go did you look at the intercooler? These naturally get oil in them over time but there maybe more if the oil seals went aswel.
  7. Wheel fitment help

    I did think that. Just unsure on how much poke to go for thats all haha. Just wanted to check for issues. Same as when i get the coilovers on just hoping no issues like the boras haha
  8. Wheel fitment help

    Never thought of that really. Mines the 170 aswel so will have to see i guess
  9. Wheel fitment help

    Been looking at a set of wheels for my b7 avant. Just want to know what set up to go for. At the moment its not lowered but im going to be lowering very soon. So need to know what will fit when lowered The Wheel Specs Available are: 18" 5x100 5x112 8J ET35, 9.5J ET38 OR 18" 5x112 5x120 8J ET40 9.5J ET42 any info will be great
  10. mk4 golf gti slam panel change help?

    Oooo ok then looks like i wa thinking about a different car and not my bora haha silly me. Think i need to sleep more
  11. mk4 golf gti slam panel change help?

    When i did my tdi the slam panel comes off seperatly the the aircon and rad mate. Once its all in front of you it becomes easier to see. Im sure it was 4 bolts either side tho from memory
  12. Bora headlight blubs

    Or the other option is to go for a hid kit
  13. What clutches are people running

    Just to update. I got the car up in the air earlier and tried to have a look for anything that seemed off. Visually i couldnt see anything so no leaking or anything damaged. I thought while in the air to see if could get more idea of where the noise was coming from all i could tell was sounded like its to the rear of the gearbox. Altho with the wheels off the floor i put it in gear and went up through the gears and got up into 4th without any noises at all. So tried again and it was the same. I tapped the brake with my left foot and as soon as i did the noise was there and revs went up. It seems as the only time the noise and increase of revs is when there is some resistance ie pulling the car itself. Does this point to any one thing? Any info at all would be great
  14. What clutches are people running

    Thats true mate. Going to take it apart weekend i think