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  1. My Allroad 2.7T

    lowering via VAGcom is pretty neat
  2. Paint code identification

    no problem
  3. VW Fob (Replacement)

    it's not unheard of to take out a key fob replacement policy with your insurance and wait a bit before 'asking' for a new key not sure what the excess is but it's going to be less than £100 i'd have thought
  4. Paint code identification

    hmmm i don't think you can get it off the VIN as that only contains info on year, model, location etc maybe try VW and see if it's on their system by the registration? by the lack of aerial i'd say it's around a 2005 car banging this info into this website: http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?manuf=Volkswagen&year=2005&con=my&model=Golf&rows=50 i'd say it's maybe blue anthrazit (LC7V)
  5. Paint code identification

    ^edit just seen you said log book but not sure if you mean the v5 or the service manual
  6. Paint code identification

    sometimes (although the mk5 definitely had a boot sticker) there's one in the door shut also, if you have the glovebox manual to hand there's a copy stuck inside the first page of the service manual usually
  7. Joe's RS4 Daytona Grey Avant

    a lot of love for RS4 wagons...
  8. (that's a Citroen C1 by the way)
  9. the new C1 has them (step-sister has one)
  10. How to tell genuine or fake BBS CH?

    there was a thing recently, may have been on the beeb or somewhere else, and it mentioned bbs ch fakes
  11. Bristolbaron's B5 Audi S4 Avant

    looking good... not seen it about yet though looks like the chap from Projex's R8 Spyder in front? Ridiculously loud exhaust...
  12. 964 from a Brit in Florida

    That is immense
  13. My United Grey Mk5

    glad to see it's still going along
  14. Golf mk6 gtd build

    very nice, thinking of a gtd or a black edition a3 as my next car... more pics!!