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  1. Snapped speedline bolta

    I had the same problem with a set of 2 piece wheels for my BMW ( 18" Style 71 ) About 4 or 5 bolts with either heads snapped off or rounded off heads. Couldn't find a company who would tackle them either. Was told if I had heated the inside of the wheel up first where the bolts are then they probably would have come out, so I ended up selling them for spares
  2. Milton Keynes / northants

  3. Milton Keynes / northants

    Dubs only?
  4. Milton Keynes / northants

    I wouldn't mind coming to one of these. Been a member on here for 7 yrs now and not been to any local meets, althou I would be in my E46 if that is acceptable.
  5. Any Sprayers on here?

    PM Sent
  6. Any Sprayers on here?

    As above. 4 x Clubsport Centres want spraying Anthracite I'm in MK, but can drop off if not too far away. Anyone?
  7. Split rim Stud removal help

    Well, managed to get the face off today, only prob now is the heads gave way and snapped So now I have 2 studs to try and remove. The is a little sticking out from the barrels which I will have a look at tomorrow, but hoping I don't have the re-thread them. Getting new Bolts anyway as the remaining ones are a bit dull
  8. Split rim Stud removal help

    Hoping someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. I pick up a set of BMW 18" split rims and wanted to split to refurb, but on closer inspection of some of the bolts/studs they have been rounded off on the inside and I can't see any way of getting them out The are an M8 Splined bolt and I have tried the correct fitting male socket for them but had no luck.. Please help as I've run out of ideas.
  9. Amp Advice Please

    Hmmmm... Amp was smoking a lot so I don't know what happened. It was the Hz dial that I adjusted not the Gain...
  10. Amp Advice Please

    Could someone give me some Amp advice Please. I was running a pair of JBL GT4-10 250W RMS - 1000W Peak Impedance @ 4ohm I was running them off a 4 Channel JBL GTO4000 and at the weekend I decided to give the gain a little tweek which resulted in the Amp going up in smoke.... So, I need to replace the amp with something suitable which can handle the subs. I've been told I should look for a Mono Block Class D, but for the amount of time I use the car I can't justify the cost. Is there anything I could go for?
  11. Looks like I missed out on this one. Have joined (request sent ) on FB I use to live in Silverstone but now in MK so would be good to have a meet up...
  12. Skoda Estelle 105 lux project!.

    Not seen 1 of these in many many years....... Will be watching this build.....
  13. Loan Wanted

    Hope someone can help. I've got a broken front spring on my BMW & have a friend coming over to change the springs this week.... Only prob is I don't have any spring compressors. Does anyone have a pair I could borrow. Localish to Silverstone, Towcester, Milton Keynes, Dunstable, Luton. Will collect and pay in beer.
  14. What ET?

    I've got a set of 17s but I wanna know what ET they are. There is nothing stamped on the wheel, anywhere. Is there some way of measuring to find out? If so, from where to where?