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  1. hi there im tryng to get my golf mk2 into this but the links are not working
  2. 1.8T into MK2 Golf

  3. Golf Mk2 syncro

    looking good mate, the attention to detail is amazing
  4. looking good bro, going to have to come down and have a listen to it
  5. my vr6.....

  6. Hi mate do you reckon you could give me the link, cant seem to find it on ebay Need a few things Cheers
  7. where did you get all the genuine parts from ??
  8. amp recommendations

    pm'd mate
  9. amp recommendations

    cheers mate, im right next to stockley park. ill pm you my number and come and see you and speak to you in person
  10. amp recommendations

    you wouldnt be able to recommend a genny would you?
  11. amp recommendations

    cheers for the help mate. Ive got a pioneer deh-p88rs2 headunit being looking at this amp for the speakers let me know what you think: http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/focal-fps2160.html
  12. amp recommendations

    In need of some advice/recommendations on which amps to get to run my sub and components. The audio I have: sub: Focal k2 power 33kx 13" (Dual 2ohms 400rms) components: Focal 165kr 6.5" been recommended genesis. Can any of you audio peeps recommend two amps with the model number if possible to run these. Cheers
  13. BBM mk2 vr6

    no worries matty glws, let me know if you ever change your mind