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  1. Project - Barge

    Charlie its just so Bad ass Here's them picture's you asked for.
  2. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Final Cut pro Mate There called Bullet Wheels chance's are you have already found that out due to my Late Ass reply i never come on my build thread anymore.
  3. fat joe's jetta

  4. low mk2

    Sits Soooooo Hard
  5. Turkish Delights Alpine White 84 MK2 VR6

    When he had it.
  6. Turkish Delights Alpine White 84 MK2 VR6

    My Mate owned this when it was a 1300 i think it exchanged hands twice before it got to you, it was very clean when he sold it i cant believe the state it was in before you got your hands on it im Glad you saved it we loved that car well done man
  7. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Cheers wont be much happening to it now its taking a back seat The next post will be the polo mate
  8. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Haven't Updated this in ages. Just a quick Run Down of whats been done. Carbs were fitted Made another Video with it running the carbs N/A Love and a upto date picture of how its sitting
  9. Hodges' Solar Orange Audi S3.

    Loved this sunday, The color is sooo sick
  10. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Dam Dude your Trip home Sucked . However that Bay looked amazing got so much love for how much work you have put into this.
  11. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Im sure iv seen that polo about to. Its getting harder driving round london the roads get worse by the week sometimes air ride looks really good . Them Bumpers can put up with a lot of crap. Thanks , they get easier to make with practice.
  12. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    This is the last Video for my Winter Fitment Dairies. Winter Fitment Dairies C3
  13. My First Dub.

    Well this looks Familiar. Look forward to seeing it again
  14. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Thanks luke
  15. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    There just £180 Ebay specials Had them on 2 years now there not leaking and there still fully adjustable you just have to look after them. And No C Notch ether