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  1. Vdub-A1 MK6 Golf Build

    Lool yeah I think I remember him telling me about your MK6. I used to have a white MK5, gti front, R32 rear, bbs lm reps black centres white dish.
  2. Vdub-A1 MK6 Golf Build

    Looks good mate. Sure I've seen this near Edmonton County school. You a mate of Maks?
  3. jake white k1

    I'm at uni atm, may be going back home today though, will try pass by Ace on the way back. What time you heading there for? Ah thats wicked man!
  4. jake white k1

    Looks wicked Jake!
  5. jake white k1

    Looks good Jake! Need to catch up soon!
  6. Sach_UK's MK5 Golf 1.9 TDI

    Looks good Sach!
  7. Dale's MK5 Edition30

    Looks stunning mate!
  8. jake white k1

    Looks good man!
  9. My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    Think I sold you the headlights on the MK5 Gti forum. Car looks good mate
  10. Candy White GT-I/R

    Cars going tomorrow morning Gutted, but has to go. Here's a few pics after me and my mate detailed it, all clean ready for the new owner.
  11. Headunit help

    Sorted it!! The remote wire had come loose in its casing, I secured the connection now its back to normal
  12. Headunit help

    Hi guys, I currently have a JVC KW AVX 840 headunit in my Golf, which is a double din face off unit. Today I noticed that the actual face would not connect properly to the unit. So I stripped the dash, and moved the headunit around a bit and managed to get it to fit properly. Next thing I know is when I power the car on, the headunit wont function properly. At first, it wouldn't power on at all. With a bit more fiddling, I managed to get it to power on, the JVC logo appears, it shows the screen for ejecting the disc, opening/closing/detaching the unit. There is a button that allows you to go back to the main menu when pressed. I pressed that and it just shuts off. Does anyone have any idea on what the problem could be? I checked the headunit fuse, the engine bay F8 fuse. Even disconnected the battery to see if it would maybe clear the headunit and still nothing. Checked the wires on the back of the headunit, everything seems connected. A friend said could be something to do with the ignition? I've run out of ideas. Thanks, Sharif