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  1. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    You must be lucky then...Mine lasted a Week. Every single post I read on Detailingworld and Pistonheads also had nothing positive to say about Painted Concrete Garage Floors as at some point it had peeled off and required re-painting. I do feel that the new Concrete Slab contributed to my problems, However the Clear Resin Sealant that has now been applied is totally permanent and is usually applied to Granite flooring for durability. I will never attempt to paint my own floor again. Here was mine, Floor was prepped and Sealed prior to Painting. I used a proper Heavy Duty Oil based Floor Paint too...
  2. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    I actually prefer the Grey Concrete finish of the walls, I know that White walls would help with brightening the Garage but I am getting Electric/Power installed very soon with multiple Strip Lights and will also have some low level lighting too as in the Winter I will be in there with the door down. Not really going to be an issue with the Tiles getting wet as the Car never goes in as it stored underneath the Car Port on the side of the house which totally covers the car from the elements. Infact all my Detailing work previously has been done using the Car Port with the only downside been the wind. The Garages main purpose is for Motorcycle Storage and doing light Mechanical work on the Bikes and indeed the Car if required. I have access to Ramps and Workshops through some good friends in the Motor Trade so would never entertain rolling about on my back and struggling in my own Garage at Home trying to do anything Major on the Car. The Car will be going in my Garage for any Detailing work and Machine Polishing etc but will be dried off before entering. Ofcourse it is inevitable that I will return home on the Bike and get caught in the rain at some point, The Tiles will get dirty and at £1.80 per Tile I can justify throwing them away and replacing them as necessary. They are Heavy Duty rubber backed tiles with nylon/rubber fibres that's designed to be used on shop floors so should be incredibly hard wearing. Painting the Floor is not an option and I have already tried that with disastrous results, I had to remove it all which was not a fun task so I have now had a 2 part Resin Coating applied to the Concrete which is not a cheap process. This totally stops the need for Paint, Stops the dust and is Oil and Water resistant so stops and Moisture coming up through the Slab. However it can chip off quite easily if any tools are dropped so Carpet tiles offer the perfect solution, They are very hard wearing due to the short pile and also look much better than a painted floor. Paint very rarely takes to Concrete and often lifts off on your Tyres when a vehicle is driven onto it. I have researched this topic to death over the past Month, Looked into all options from PVC Floor Tiles, Paint, PVC on a roll floor covering and then factored the what I am actually going to be using it for vs the cost. Every option had Pro's and Con's and when you consider what I am using the Garage for I decided the Carpet Floor Tiles offered the cost effective and most aesthetically pleasing solution.
  3. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Last Garage Photo I promise, Not doing anything else with it now for at least 10 Years LOL...
  4. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Tomorrows Job. http://www.carpettiles.co.uk/CRYSTAL+GREY+MIST+LOOP+PILE+/0_CAAA028/PRAA614.htm And Yes, Spray on Adhesive for Concrete.
  5. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Yup, I am mental. Still not content with the Garage floor, Some more developments have happened today. A cheap solution, Will be more robust than the foam pads and allow for Axle Stands and Trolley Jacks plus they are easily replaceable and look much better. Having spent hours looking at various solutions I came across various posts on Detailing World from people that had used Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles for their flooring in the Garage with fantastic results. I looked into it and found a supplier so collected 36 of them today, £1.80 per Tile! So I have kept the Black Foam Interlocking Tiles around the edges, The idea is when the Car is in the Garage I have a soft surface to kneel down on when the wheels are off or I am Machine Polishing but that the Carpet Tiles will easily support the weight of the car or Motorcycle Stand. Also any tools which I drop wont chip the Resin Coating on the Concrete floor. Still in 2 Minds on whether to buy another 12 Tiles and do another row at the Top and Bottom?
  6. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Again not so much of a Fabia update, Well whats there to say about the Car other than its been totally faultless? It is however getting ready for some Minor work, Just wear and tear but the Rear Brake Discs and Pads want replacing as there is some corrosion on the inside of the Discs which is noisy under braking as the Pads are not cleaning the surface. Possibly happened when the Car had a Pair of Rear Calipers but the Discs where left on and Damage already done. Will also be getting a Major Service at this time. The Wax I applied when I Detailed and Machine Polished the car has pretty much worn off now and the car is in need of another Full Detail, I have to admit I am rather smitten with the Motorbike and so have lavished my spare time on that so the Fabia has been neglected a little...I still probably look after it better than most though LOL. Finally got some Floor Tiles down in the Garage, Nothing spectacular but for the Money they will do the job and much better than kneeling down on the Concrete. The Car fits on nicely too although it spends no time in the Garage really...
  7. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    19/6/17... Finally able to use the Garage, Albeit without the Floor tiles but the 2 x Part Clear Resin is doing the job and the Floor is bone dry with no dust plus is Water and Oil resistant. The new Ramp has now set and for the first time yesterday I was able to put the Car and Bike in! Still got to get some power installed which will happen over the next Month but I am now very happy that everything is sorted. Bags of room in the New Garage too. The new Toy, 2002 Honda CBR600F, Fuel Injected Model...
  8. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    11/6/17... So tomorrow is the day the Builders come out and apply the final coat of Resin on the floor and sort out the ramp, It should have been sorted early last Week but due to the shocking Weather it was carried forward to this Week which is fair enough. On another note on Friday I passed my Unrestricted Motorbike Test, Got through in the minimum requirement of 6 Days from Start to Finish but due to work commitments I couldn't do it all in a block so it was spread out over a 1 Month Period. Theory Test which I did first, Then... CBT 125 Training day Bit of a formality for me really as it designed for people that have never ridden a Geared Motorbike, I did my CBT on a Geared 125 so it was a steady day really. Mod 1 Training Day and Mod 1 Test Day Mod 2 Training Day and Mod 2 Test Day No Minor faults on the Mod 1 got a clean sheet but picked up 2 Minors on the Mod 2, I passed though which I am over the moon about! Oh and since this thread is supposed to be about the Fabia LOL, Its still fine, No issues whatsoever! Although its not due yet I am planning to give the car a Full Service at some point over the next few Months.
  9. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Yes likewise but this was confirmed when I drove onto it for the First time! This is getting rectified see below. The Base has to be a Minimum Thickness apparently to support the Weight of the Garage, Mine is actually Thicker than what it needs to be and has also been raised above floor level to aid with drainage as the old Original Base was a Ground Level and the Base used to take on a lot of Water which Pooled in. Now its on a little raised island so in theory should not have any issues. 1/6/17... To give a bit of an update on the Garage situation, I had a meeting on Tuesday morning with the Manager/Owner of the builders that did the Concrete Base. He was absolutely spot on and stated that he has had a few complaints recently about the workmanship of his lads, Also that they where failing to keep him in the loop resulting in situations like mine where he has had customers ringing him kicking off and him having no idea why. So after a full inspection he has offered to do the following which I have accepted... 1: 2 x Part application of Acrylic Resin Concrete Floor Sealer, First Coat was applied this morning and I can confirm it has already set to a Low Gloss and Rock Hard finish. The Second Coat is getting applied on Monday when he comes to sort the Ramp out. 2: Break up and remove the existing Concrete Ramp, Remove Block Paving and Construct new ramp approx 1 FT longer that finishes at ground level. This will be a much less severe angle which will allow for more ground clearance. This will be done on Monday. 3: He measured the area which has Sank and to be fair this is Minor but when I noticed it I was pretty wound up so made a big thing about it, We agreed that it could be left as it would look a mess to grind it back to Aggregate and then Concrete over the top although he offered to fit a Weather Proof Rubber Strip along the Door bottom which I am happy to accept.
  10. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    I actually removed all the Facelift Centre Caps from the Fabia, The original badges suit the car better in my opinion and I wanted it totally OEM which it is. Not a chance it is still a bare shell and might even be getting knocked down and starting again. Having some major problems with the Base... : Heavy Condensation gathering in patches, I did a 2-Part Sealing and Oil Based Garage Floor Paint spending about 10 Hours in total and a couple of days after the final coat of Paint it all reacted and was turned into a Milky horrible mess which would come off under foot had to be removed back to the bare Concrete which was a Painful and long process. : Sinking of the floor by about 1/2 an Inch around the Door Area which allows Water to pool during heavy rain. : The Ramp Angle is too severe with a step of about 1-2 Inch at the bottom, The first time I drove into the Garage with the Fabia I only have 40-50mm between the Front Bumper and Concrete on a Fabia with Standard Ride Height. I would never get a Sports Car or Lowered car into the Garage which is somewhat limiting. The actual Garage Structure itself is brilliant, I am more than happy with it but the base which was done by a a separate company/builder which the Garage Agent insisted I must use is the issue. Further from that it is now nearly 2 Weeks since I made my initial complaint to the Garage Agent, It was a further 5 Days when I contacted him again stating that the Builders had not got in touch yet and then when they did I arranged to be at home for 2 Days for them to come and inspect it and they failed to turn up. Then when I rang them last Friday claimed they did not have my contact number and that it would be after the Bank Holiday Weekend. I drove straight to the Garage Agent on Saturday after work and kicked off spectacularly, The main gaffer of the Builders is supposed to be coming this morning. I went Mental! So not impressed, £4500 for a Garage that is at the moment totally useless and I refuse to put the car or anything else in there.
  11. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Very good.
  12. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Aesthetically yes it would look much neater with the Door centralised. IF I would have gone for a normal Size Width garage and only a 7 or 8ft Door then they could have installed it in the Middle. However, The camera angle on the pictures doesn't really show the Width of the Driveway which is just over 9ft and the Width of the new Garage door which is bang on 9ft. If I would have had the new Garage door installed in the Centre I would have been turning in at an angle to get the car central to the Door. As the Door is I can reverse straight down the middle of the drive, Straight into the Garage without having to turn and can open the Drivers door fully to get out. Also I can have a couple of Motorbikes down the Left hand Side which I do not really need to worry about.
  13. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    2/5/17... The Man Cave is up! Just got to fill it with Man Stuff LOL, I am having an Electrician to install Power to the Garage and will be getting probably 4 Florescent Strip Lights along with a a few Plug Sockets in various places, A tool Box, Work Bench and some Shelving/Racking. It is more than big enough inside! Should have no worries carrying out Minor Mechanical Work and Detailing in there, Hoping to fit a couple of Motorbikes in there too. Great investment, Very happy that I finally have a decent Garage. I can foresee many hours of my time spent in here LOL.
  14. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    12/4/17... Well no real developments Fabia wise, Having gone back to Work on the 31st after my 2 Week Holiday I have simply been using the Fabia for what it was originally purchased for...Commuting and so far it has been fantastic. Brilliant little car that ticks all the right boxes, It gets me to work just as quickly as the Golf R did and I am more than happy leaving it parked up at Work without worrying. Played the MPG Game on my way to work Yesterday morning and saw 70MPG over the 10 Mile Commute, Currently Averaging 54MPG overall since buying it so very happy. I have been a busy bee with the New Garage/Man Cave, Currently £4500 lighter for the privilege and that was with 25% discount on the Garage but I am getting exactly what I wanted and it will be a good investment. The old Pre-Fab was knocked down and removed Yesterday, Today the new 23ft x 13ft Concrete Base was laid which I am confident will be more than big enough to accommodate a Car and allow for Detailing and Light Mechanical work such as Servicing etc. The New Garage gets delivered in 2 Weeks and will be installed on the same day which I am very much looking forward to, Then I have an Electrician coming to install Power and a Multitude of Strip Lights and Sockets. Laughably although I am getting the Garage built I am struggling to think of a Car suitable to buy to put in it LOL, To the Drawing Board with that One! Couple Of Snaps of progress so far...
  15. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Thanks Lads