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  1. Simon's MK5 Jetta

    Loom etc fit? Ollie
  2. Simon's MK5 Jetta

    Looks great! Really suits the black grill surround. Plateless front? Ollie
  3. Looks great, where did you get it done? Any of it Warrenty work? Match come out well?
  4. Touran GTI

    Love this. Look forward to further updates! Ollie
  5. Birmingham Body Shop crash repair

    Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated I went there today Suj but it was all locked up??
  6. Sorry if I am posting on the wrong part of the forum. Am looking for a recommendation of a place to get my girfriends car repaired/ painted following a light bump yesterday. A guy pulled off his driveway in to the rear drivers side corner of her car and put a scuff on the rear wing and bumper Does anyone have any recommendations of top quality work in the Birmingham B30 area? Might not look a lot of damage but it's her pride and joy that she saved up for years to buy so I'd like to sort it out for her. Ollie
  7. Glad the wheels finally turned out well and finally turned up!! Sorry about Paisley Freight Car looks incredible! Ollie
  8. MK5 Golf Daily

    TH lines are off. Found out that they can be easily reverse mounted for a little bit more friendly offset. Wheels are to be split and sorted Liked how they sat when rolling on to the ramp Ollie
  9. MK5 Golf Daily

    Love the look of the TH's but need smaller tyres!! Will be swapping the tyres off and then splitting them down for a bit of a change. Thinking of ideas for centre colour. - gold - body coloured - white (seem to love that colour on all wheels) Anyone other ideas? Ollie
  10. MK5 Golf Daily

    So after selling all my wheels over the last couple of weeks, I had the chance of a set of my favourite wheels A deal was done and they arrived! Start of the da Schmidt TH 18 x 8.5 Tyres fitted are 225/40/18's so they're a little tyre heavy. Once funds allow smaller tyres are the plan!! Ollie
  11. Bagged MK5

    Any problems when fitting your own wheel? Been thinking about this with mine. Car looks great!!! Ollie
  12. my S3 tdi conversion, cr170

    Is it mapped?? Thinking of going down the big injectors and blower route, or just leaving it standard spec? Ollie
  13. MK5 Golf Daily

    You're sadly correct . Needs some FK coils ; ) Sorry I didn't get back to you about those - I am a magpie and got drawn in to some shiney shiney wheels You about for Cov meet in the next week or two? Ollie
  14. MK5 Golf Daily

    Agreed! Have a set and an Edition 30 spoiler to go on. Needs paint before them though Ollie