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  1. My mk3 VR6T

    You know what i think :wub:
  2. accepted for outside got my pass coming in the post...i dint want it inside as its not ready so itll suffice.....cars getting dumped where it is though i'll be off to the international to see some peeps.
  3. then definitely get it checked on a balancer even new wheels and tyres need balancing as tyres are never perfectly radially balanced... probably the case will be that you need to put some bead sealer on as what i would imagine is happening is that its loosing air pressure like nothwalesloop said inflate the tyre leave it overnight and check the pressure in the morning ....or put it in the bath and wait for air bubbles
  4. God damn wipers!

    Bosch without a doubt ....just go to a local motor factors youll pay the same price as you would for a set of halfords ones
  5. no i mean cheap unbranded plastic tyres...nankangs usually tend to stretch well ive ran 205/40's on 10+ and not had problems......check for a bead defect i would it may be that the inner steel bead has kinked thus its (throwing) pulling itself back under load......does it balance ok on a machine?? it will either be a defective bead or a buckle/flat spot in the wheel one or the other
  6. Spacers on top of adapters?

    i ran 40mm adapters on 25mm spacers without a spigot (RH) and never had any issues really ...as said aslong as the bolts are of a good length and tensile strength ...and also have the right collar on the bolt (THAT is vital) ... tourqe set...job done there is no possible way for that wheel to come off unless you crash it or a component was to fail.....the cheaper you buy though the more risk there is of something failing..my2p
  7. Who can make custom barrels for split rims?

    I tried B-star before and to be honest they were totally unhelpful and quite rude....Mike Kippen (Rotiform) is the best bet or possibly Image wheels if you were trying to stay in the UK
  8. are you using ling longs??
  9. Project Darkdoob...V2.0

    Its been a very long time bout time really haha Thanks buddy just Cheers
  10. Project Darkdoob...V2.0

    .... 6 branch is now being opened up and port matched as we speak new head is being ported and polished and also matched to the fannymold Next week im taking all of the interior out as i have a company that clean carpets coming over to clean and dry the whole carpet out (after the leaks) hopefully then i will have a nice dry interior and no more steamed up windows Gunna try to restore the leathers as well whilst the interiors out and finish off fitting all the upper trim panels back in now that theyre all black edit: wooop woooop page owned!!!
  11. '61 Mercedes Ponton + Mitsubshi EVO 9 = ?

    as i'm sure ive said time and time again in your lupo thread ...your nuts ...but i wovee yeew :WUB:
  12. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    looks like strong work as always dude! you know where i am if you need help