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  1. Dry's Jetta

    not that its a whole lot of help but some one did let my mirror no claims on both my mk3s but i cant remember who i was insured with now.
  2. Dry's Jetta

    can i? pecker head
  3. Dry's Jetta

    aggresive are you coming to the warp tour tomorrow? pro as!
  4. Dry's Jetta

    clearly what was going on
  5. Dry's Jetta

    dry get them on... cranking?
  6. Dry's Jetta

    boys usless
  7. Dry's Jetta

    get ash to fix it, yeah ash
  8. JoshM's 6n polo

    looks sick as, good work lad!
  9. Dry's Jetta

    i love lamp
  10. Dry's Jetta

    dicky told me about the lensos, have a truck load of canadian pars for your good work
  11. Drys lets all talk crap thread

    bill you should come out too, its ace. i had some work thing tonight, they put a load of $'s behind the bar and let us get on with it, thats what we like!
  12. Drys lets all talk crap thread

    not good its gone but on to new things. you should sack cars off and come out here for the rest of winter and summer, plan!
  13. Drys lets all talk crap thread

    thats more like it!
  14. Drys lets all talk crap thread

    good work lad, you out later?