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  1. G60 overfueling badly

    I think you have the found the fault. on my other g60 this went and caused co of 10% and poor performance.
  2. G60 overfueling badly

    I think with mine something got drawn up the pipe and damaged the ecu, I have had issues with blue temp senders so much so that I have 3 brand new spares and a spare ecu. dubforce is good for problems someone on their maybe able to help
  3. G60 overfueling badly

    ecu failure on mine caused overfueling so worth getting checked. do u have anyone nearby with a spare ecu you can borrow
  4. Corrado G60

    best of luck with it g6o's can be like that get one thing done and something else happens but when everything works as it should do they are great.
  5. it appears that these can be ordred from VW classic at £40 each. Can you confirm that these are avalialble to order. Thanks
  6. Hi removed my rear springs yesterday and have eibach part number - 11 1500102HA Looking at the eibach website they would appear to be from the pro spring kit E10-15-004-03-22 £183.00. I would like to order this kit today but just want to check that i am correct. Car is a 2001 s3 8l AMK engine code.
  7. locked car with keys inside help

    remove windor scraper although as it will probably be brittle it will get damaged. use some metal wire to pull the door pin up. worked for me. Then get a spare key made.
  8. golf g60 not starting

    its recent problem, connections seem ok. checked under car can only see fuel filter and checked with vag and shows one fuel pump in tank. VDO or pierburg Car is a 2wd g60 Can i use a normal 12v tester to check injectors have power or do i need something else
  9. golf g60 not starting

    I have a genuine g60 which will not start. Ignition lights are on and fuel pump primes but will not start. removed spark plugs and they are bone dry. Havent checked fuel rail. prior just to this the fuel pump did not always pulse when warm/hot. The fuel pump still primes now which i presume is because car is always cold. fuel pump relay/ecu relay are all new, many new parts fitted as the car was a non runner for a year. I can only assume that fuel pump is kaput but would welcome any ideas as ive never had this problem before. car has 4bar fuel pump in tank no under car fuel pump
  10. H&R or Eibach springs for Mk2 golf G60

    just ordered the eibach's.
  11. H&R or Eibach springs for Mk2 golf G60

    front 840kg rear 710kg, both my g60's have the same axle weight but only one has aircon.
  12. H&R or Eibach springs for Mk2 golf G60

    no idea although i suspected you might ask this. I will go through the german paperwork i have and see if i can find something.
  13. Hi looking for spring kit for my genuine G60. eibach is £138 and H&R is £116. WOuld either kit be fine for mine bearing in mind it has aircon.
  14. Wheel bolts required

    AVS car parts do the correct ones made by febi and i have some one mine.
  15. Locking wheel bolts.

    I use mcguard 30mm taper ones on my rs001, 033. i have the number for them somewhere if you need it.