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  1. Lupo GTi No.3

    Lovely car mate, how did you go about making up the bracket for the exhaust, I think all GTI owners deserve to know we all share the same problem... lol
  2. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    They look sweet, you chose the right colour choices going for polished dishes and silver centres, I didnt think they would look all that in any of the other colour combos you had in mind !
  3. They look rude. would be the nuts polished I reckon?
  4. Project RockaFella

    why dont you try some super rs's on it? chrome centres..
  5. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    Love your mk4 mate, looks very nice them wheels will finish it off a treat.
  6. halfords ones are shiz ! had the 501 white sidelight bulbs in for less than two months and one already blown !
  7. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    all talk no action - pics !
  8. The Lupo GTI

    nice lupo. what does it handle like with the negative camber? what size tyres running cant you eliminate the rubbing with smaller tyres then drop it lower??
  9. Not really keen on the white.. makes them look abit halfords special lenso style if you get what I mean.. nevermind if you dont, just my oppinion of course
  10. Mk3 Cabby

    Looks nice with what you've done so far. what spec are the rs's? (sizes, widths and code of rs?)
  11. My OG - VR6 transplant diary

    fair play mate, looks sick. i'll keep an eye on this thread for more updates
  12. Looks spot on now mate - are you planning to turbo this in near future?
  13. lupo 1.8T

    There are vag specialists that can convert your lupo to a 1.8t, it's not a cheap job. where abouts are you based, this mite help you abit more as others can reccomend a company closest to you. if you are thinking of doing this yourself I would advise you to get over onto club lupo, there is a couple of home-made conversions both supercharged and 1.8t gti's.