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  1. Scaff's BaGGed Highline

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Well done.
  2. Jazz Blue Mk4 - now BaGGinG!

    A mark4 Golf i actually like. New wheels look top notch.
  3. Purple/Brown Corrado VR6

    Thread ressurection Mr Raj. Show everyone your new wheels then...
  4. MK2 G60 Edition 1... Pearl Grey

    Gorgeous. Just need original caps now but still looks the nuts.
  5. Mk1 Jetta Coupe

    Looking good bud. Look forward to see what you do with the Speedlines...
  6. A5 Mo style...

    How many motors is that in one thread now?? Look forward to the next...i mean, look forward to what you do to this one.
  7. GOLF MK3 Wagon

    nice choice of wheels.
  8. sittin' proper

    Yeah im after a full set but its proving a hard task indeed! Let me know if you source any dealers or alike. Did you buy the wheels in those sizes? Reason i ask is because i have 8.5j x 16 all round and i was hoping to up the dish to 9j all round. Sorry for jacking your thread!
  9. sittin' proper

    Lovely Mk3 there. hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get the centre caps for your 'Speedlines'?
  10. Ideas For My New VR6.....

    Better off giving this a punt mate... http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=346208 but all the best with your purchase.
  11. projekt:black

    Top work Indy. I mean your motor was awesome before this, but now...ooof!
  12. old scene mk2

    Yup that was me. Haha, Fat Rat! Love it. There were some fine Mk3's there so hopefully he was fully converted into a Mk3 lover. I think i saw him mouth the words "What the flip". Keep up the great work mate and just do what makes you happy.
  13. old scene mk2

    Both lovely cars. I was infront (in my Mk3) of you as we drove into Players and it looked awesome on the move!
  14. E38X pics...

    Raju - car looking sweet as per usual mate. Olly - fair play to you and everyone else who travelled from such distances! bettle looked spot on. Jay - pleasure mate. dubclub represented well.
  15. E38X pics...

    no problem mate. sweet motor.