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  1. Perspex Window Install - How?

    or if you aint gotta router you can laminate two bits of mdf, say one 12mm base layer then laminate with a 6mm layer ontop but cut to create the rebate you need for the perspex.. hope this makes sense?.
  2. mk4 golf sunroof problems

    I have just bought my first mk4... it is only the 1.4 one... the problem i have is that the sunroof is all over the place.... I turn the knob one way and it goes up and down, i turn it to another setting and it still only goes up and down... Is there a reset! mode or summat on it? anyone else had this problem?
  3. I have a mk3 golf and the dash clock keeps losing the correct time...i have reset it a couple of times and it always does the same thing? wat do ya rekon?