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  1. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    looks like a really good build well done! I have a carb'd abf mk1 too... So much fun!
  2. Davo's mk1

    @murph how do you mean? The reason I went for the webers was firstly to make the wiring and install easier & neater and also it fits with the old skool vibe of the car. I always wanted a carb'd 16v mk1. So that's what I built! It won't be the most powerful or efficient, but it's plenty fun.
  3. Davo's mk1

    Hey thanks dude. it won't be a mad show stopper but hopefully a tidy fun little car. Maybe one day I'll strip it down and make it flawless. The engine is an ABF out of my old mk3, so tall block 2.0l. And yeh twin 40 weber's bolted to the front. .
  4. Davo's mk1

    Right. Thought I'd update this thread as I wont be at Edition this weekend . The car is all built up now and has the all important MOT! SO glad to be able to drive it around and get back behind the wheel of a mk1. Took her for a mild tune up, just to get it running nicely for the MOT etc, and she made 120bhp at the wheels. Wasn't happy with how she was sitting though (to be honest i hadn't spent any effort into the fitment as focussed on the engine) so took the wheels off and sorted out some replacement parts. Will build the wheels up this weekend. So that's roughly where I am, LOADS of refinement to do but so glad to have her back. Need to sort out the millions of rattles and the awful paintwork next!
  5. Mystic Blue MK3......

    Love this! Clean and simple but with a lot of impact.
  6. silver 6n2 tdi

    Looks like a good clean start! Coilovers will transform it though.
  7. Raef's white mk1 16v project

    Cant wait to see it after the makeover Raef! Sounding good too.
  8. Davo's mk1

    Thanks both . I don't have much to add atm, will try to make some more progress tonight. 1 photo to keep the thread alive...
  9. Davo's mk1

    Sorry tried to post with iphone and failed.. here it is even though it's not very good. And like I say, it's already running much better.
  10. Davo's mk1

    Well it all seems to work! Finally got it all wired up and it fired into life! I got too excited to document much of it but I did get a little vid. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DYoqe9sJdfsQ%26feature%3Dyoutube_gdata_player&feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=Yoqe9sJdfsQ&gl=GB It runs a lot better than that after an afternoon tinkering. Also All in all... A good days work! Feels like I might make the shows this year! .
  11. Davo's mk1

    On the subject of wheels, space waster spare..
  12. Davo's mk1

    Hi Mate, was good to meet you too, thanks for one of the final parts of the puzzle, hopefully hook it up tomorrow, been hella busy this week typically! Catch you at a show soon dude, and I'll call you if I need anything.. Wheel spec is roughly: 7.5x13 et15 & 8.5x13 et26, 175/50's all round. Despite some of the bad press Image get,I like my wheels and haven't had an issue. If I ever sell up it will only be 'cos I need larger brakes. Here is an idea of fitment before I split, 'furbed & had new tyres: Front: Rear: That's with no fitment effort put into them which is a pleasing start. Also without the arch trims, which I will be running. Arches here are rolled but not pulled .
  13. Davo's mk1

    Hi so here’s a little thread about my car which I’ve had for years now. Bought it pretty original as a 1.6 GTI and ran it daily for a long time. Then as the engine got ropey things have got a bit out of hand... Here’s some of the story: Bought as this: GTI wheels and lowered, other little bits: Teledials :/ : Lots of welding and still very much being used daily: Gave up on shiny paint and didn’t like it being lots of colours: Neon red for a while: Still a daily at this point but pretty tidy: Engine was very tired and dying: IMG]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l11/old_skool_davo/mk1%20GTI/100_0488.jpg[/img] So got rid of it: Bought a mk3 donor and some other bits and built some wheels and thought I’d turn it into a project. I bought myself a reliable daily – the polo in my sig - for work and have been putting my spare money/time into it for the last year or so: And that’s roughly where I am with it. Should have it running in next few days and then can start to tidy it up, perfect it and save for paint ETC. There’s lots been done and bought not in the pictures but you can check it out for yourselves when you see it. Good times. See you at the shows.
  14. Pommes R32 Blog

    Oh god! that'd be terrible! I cant explain quite how crazy this car is in 'real life'... it looks unreal, i'd be too scared to take it anywhere! stunning.
  15. Pommes R32 Blog

    Saw this at the weekend and loved it. Did your rear carbon r-line trim fall off or was it removed for driving?