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  1. Random drivers side knock?

    Me again.. same car 04 seat Ibiza 130pd. Right so for the last 2weeks I've had what feels like a random drivers side knock upfront. It only happens at certain revs i think? I only really notice it on tickover, or when i change direction.. i.e from standstill > reverse or standstill > forward. Was thinking it was gonna be the arb, but it all felt pretty solid, tie rod and ends too.. i did however notice a crack, am i right in thinking the driveshaft itself has cracked? And any chance could this be causing the knocking? Thanks in advance Ryan.
  2. Mk4 Ibiza 1.9tdi 130, lost all gears bar 1st

    I was hoping that would be the case.. but I've no idea what anythings called and haven't been able to find the part numbers yet.
  3. Had similar symptoms on a mk4 golf 1.8t. Wouldn't start when hot, and would be really intermittent. From memory it was the crankshaft or crank position sensor. One bolt, wiggle and pull it out and undo the plug at the other end, took 10/15mins. Maybe have a Google? Hth
  4. Mk4 Ibiza 1.9tdi 130, lost all gears bar 1st

    i didnt get anything actually sorted. some of the gears are there some of the time.. i need someone to run through the gears on the inside so i can see whats happening. but i think i may have found the culprit. its a little black plastic/nylon socket thats gone soft and crumbly? making things very slack, lots of movement and play. i have no idea the part number or what its even called? this is a generic pic i found, which shows it clearer, was of a mk4 golf iirc.
  5. Mk4 Ibiza 1.9tdi 130, lost all gears bar 1st

    cheers for the replies guys, got the rest of the day off. found a few videos on youtube about how to reset & adjust the gear linkage. fingers crossed its just that. I've never even taken a gearbox off, so the thought of messing with one is more than daunting.
  6. As title really.. was driving home went to shift from 4th to 5th and nothing.. managed to get it back into 4th, couldn't find anything else. Got to a round about and couldn't find anything. Finally got 1st n drove home in 1st. Now I'm home it'll only find second... Any ideas!? Thinking about it, it skipped 5th this morning too but then was ok. It's an 04plate 6speed box. Thanks Ryan
  7. Arosa AUB to polo gti conversion

    Been done a few times over on clublupo IIRC - that's if it's still up and running.. maybe have a poke around over there? Hth
  8. Rounded screw, need help, Hampton Court Surrey.

    Cheers for the offer Mr brown and suggestions from everyone else. I borrowed a drill in the end from someone at work, basically took/ground the head off of the screw and the disc fell off. Getting a hammer behind would have meant taking off the splash guard thing = extra work. Right next issue, both the passenger side bleed nipples are foobard. Rear ones blocked, front ones rounded. Help again please!
  9. So I was attempting to change the really worn rear discs & pads on my daily '04 Ibiza 6l, did the passenger side no real probs.. the drivers side screw that holds the disc on must have been made of chocolate, the top of the screw started to strip itself so I stopped and bought an impact screwdriver remover thing and it literally ate the top of the screw. Guessing the next step is to drill the screw out, but I have no drill. Wondering if anyone local would be willing to help me out? I'm based near Hampton Court in Surrey, but can travel. Thanks in advance Ryan.
  10. A4 Quattro Sport - Lows/Wheels, Done.

    Looks amazing! Nice work. I was worried you were gonna ruin it with a quick rattle can job when you said you were painting it yourself, but you went all out and it shows, looks really good.
  11. Tyre Fitter South London

    Think they're called EG tyres, in Mitcham. Crusoe road off of London road, its a road or two from the cemetery. Good friendly guys and I think I paid £10 or £15 a corner and I bought my tyres online. I usually just turn up, but you can call them on 07886020945.
  12. 1.9 tdi wont start. someone please help?

    Bingo. turns out that v nitro diesel was infact petrol quick call to the rac, slapped with an on the spot joining plus the drainage fee was almost £330 but its alive again my bad, and thanks to all
  13. 1.9 tdi wont start. someone please help?

    no idea mate. If the mk1 TT has the same relay I can "borrow" it and check.
  14. hey all, so my 54plate ibiza 1.9tdi 130 wont start. I noticed the fuel was on empty - 0miles, so went to the nearest petrol station put £20 of v-nitro diesel in.. started fine, let me get maybe 1/2mile. slowed for lights and the car pulled forward as if i didn't depress the clutch fully (99.99% sure i did). car shuts off, battery light comes on. tried cranking and pressing the accelerator for maybe 10-15mins. car starts, i limp it round the corner off the main road into a residential street, i turn the engine off as it feels 'rougher/shakier' than usual. try turning it back on, again nothing for a good 20-25mins this time it starts but its smoking blue/grey iirc i turn it off as it never smokes on tickover. i sit for an hour (i have no breakdown + mrs is napping with the baby) i'm also thinking what if its the crank sensor, so i let things cool down, i turn the key to 'on' still just cranking, do this a few times and notice that the familiar 'prime' noise been replaced by a click.. possibly coming from the passenger side.. any ideas? glow plugs? fuel pump? low battery? i'm no longer with the car going back in about an hour. i dont have vagcom before anyone mentions it, and if anyone local does. cars currently in sw20. thanks in advance!
  15. Hi people, as the title really. mk1 audi tt 225, just told me it needs a service. The mileage is 90-odd, i'm based in thames ditton, surrey. can anyone recommend somewhere? not audi and not those cowboys 'jp garage' down in hampton court (used them in the past, never again). preferably a specialist who'll stamp my book and turn the service light off. i'm in surrey, but willing to travel, thanks in advance. Ryan